Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is a Druid's Mind:

    Perhaps this is really the best way to describe what a Druid really is.
While not getting caught  up in all the different views of the different Druid Orders.

   "Druid's Mind", definition by TDK
    A person that has either by nature or by efforts has reached a state of connected awareness to the hidden Worlds. I refer to this awareness  as the "Ley Way"

   This state exist just beyond normal conscious awareness. And is often bridged by conscious effort, danger, desire, Genius Loci or ritual.

    Because of this sympathetic neural connection, the affected Druid often experiences empathetic feeling from their surroundings that others do not. Of even more interest is this sympathetic neural connection is a two way street.

    And is the key to the Druid's unconscious influence on all their surrounding. While under normal conditions this effect is barely noticeable to even a trained eye. When the Druid's conscious awareness bridges to the "Ley Way" the Druid's Magick or anger can reach impressive levels of environmental focus or redirection.

 TDK / The Druid King

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  1. Asy this question has been ask I will share answer here also.

    A Druid's Anger:
    Anger in general is a very great energy level raser and releases a cauldron full of psychotropic internal chemicals and processes.
    A Trained Druid may be able to control and channel these energies into the "Ley Way" with directed and willful results. For untrained Druid that has a developing or developed Druid's Mind link. Anger may be like throwing a lite road flare into a Fireworks shop.