Saturday, April 13, 2013

Come over to the dark side....we have brownies.....and information:

Guest Blogger Druid Janice Scott-Reeder

To think that after several millennium of secrecy, threatening members with death or worse should they reveal one modicum of knowledge about the nature of the magicks and the universe, the secret societies would accidentally publish, for mass distribution, the secret of all things is absurd. They have no reason to share knowledge that keeps them in power and they have placed people in key positions to make certain that any member that so much as may have the errant thought of revealing anything of actual information is eliminated, permanently.

There exists on Earth two systems of magickal grids. I say magickal only because as of yet we, the general population, are unaware of how to measure and use this energy. One is a natural system that comes from the heart of the planet itself. The second is an artificial grid that sucks the energy from the natural grid and is the real cause of the planet dying, not global warming. Warming is a symptom of what is occurring.

At key points on the globe, at specific moments in the angles of planets to each other, seemly innocuous if not downright nutty groups of people gather in their strange outfits and perform what seems to be idiotic or secret rituals at specific turns of the artificial calendar that has been imposed upon the planetary Earth system's societies. All must conform to the calendar and the almighty clock of 24 hours in a day.

These strange and funny rituals feed energy to a central person who absorbs it like a huge warty toad and then craps it out as fear, hate, prejudice, greed and every other negative emotion you can imagine, feeding it back to yet another group that finds this energy ecstatic and in their raising or worship of specific entities gives up this orgasmic energy to these hierarchical images which then multiply and transmit it back to the center of the Universe as what is called 4th level energy after they blanket the plant with it. It only works really well if everyone is on the same page with what they are feeling and experiencing.

The purpose of this exercise in destruction is just that, to destabilize the Universe itself and throw it into chaos and keep this planet isolated because of its lower level energy signature. It would not serve their purposes if everyone was happy, well fed and transmitting higher level energies that would attract the rest of the Universe to allow us to join their ranks in evolution.

Why is this being done? The negative, power energies that suppress people are addictive for those doing the suppressing. Perhaps the most truthful words the mystery school ever allowed to be published are: “Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately”. Of course, they meant it as a means to keep you from seeking any power over your life as that takes away from their power over you.

Try to imagine all these minor points feeding energy into central locations which feed it back to yet more central locations which send it to the external from earth location that focuses it into a laser beam of energy and aims it back the main program source. The main program then classifies the energy and simply acknowledges it unaware it is unnatural and installing itself into the main program. It is the ultimate Trojan.

That is the plan and like all plans, it takes very little to destabilize the entire pyramid. All one has to do is feed the “wrong” energy into the subsidiary toad at the right times and that is easier than you think. Energy is energy. It doesn't become positive (pro growth and evolution) or negative (status quo or death dealing) until it hits the transformer which is the Toad. So, even something as positive as a Royal Wedding or a massive number of church rituals can be transformed by the Toads into something really nasty for their groups of Toadies that are once again changing it into very negative energy for transfer to their 'gods”. Just as measure of security, the really positive event will contain the symbolism of the negative transformation carefully hidden in a subliminal manner as the dress of the “priest” being identical to the Toad or the vows being repressive rather than celebratory. Once the energy is being raised, it needs the tag to complete the cycle and the tag is the symbolism. The key to their success is ritual, repetition and recycling...the three R's of magickal work. Everything in their system will always be in 3's and other prime numbers as prime numbers are inherently unbalanced and hence easy to manipulate.

I was feeling a little mean tonight so I decided to give you a dose of truth....enjoy...

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