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George King
One of the groups ask about the Mind / Body connect so I am resharing my answer here.
The Mind and Body should be viewed as a "Self Standing, Self Programming, Distributive Communications and Feedback System" The Soul as a High level Cloud Network like connection running a background High Level Virtualization Operating System program in the Body's Processor Systems. Or in lay terms Mind / Body are one and soul is connected Intelligent Parasite. TDK

"In a Great Forest, there are many kinds of trees." TDK

 If there was one truth of the Druids that survived the Fall of the Druidic System within the Celtic Nations. It should be summed up as "Life before Birth, Life after Death, Birth, and Rebirth. TDK

"Tics and Tocks and Clicking Clocks.

Why is Time such a Pox?"


8152017 "Even in the Humbest of Meals, a bit of Presentation can go a long way to improving it. This also true in most other things in life." TDK
8142017 While I have many friends that I believe would benefit from adding well known Herbal agents into their health plans. Each of us must come to "Mother's Garden" for their own reasons and then we can help pick and plant. TDK

8132017 Every Great Oak was once an Acorn. TDK 8062017
The question is not so much what we eat, most things eat something but as a thinking animal how we treat, respect or disrespect or ignore what pays the price to sustain us. TDK

8052017 There is Life before Life and Life after Life, separation is really hard, but love is never lost. TDK "The Prophet needs to write on the Wall for seldom will ears and minds understand when the tongue is first wagged." TDK 8022017 "Life is like a Forest fire if we live long enough. Like the Tress that where all that is left of our families is ashes or deep in the ground." TDK 7132017 While it is a Druid's way and duty to protect Nature.
She or He must be prepared to War Against her at times for the good of the Touta. TDK

"Each, in the end, must find their own path. Just as the Oak must put down its Own Roots."
"The Wise Oak:
Once on the Ley and old Druid. Way. Even the Acorn is a Druii.
Yet there are many stages Robes and chains to earn before one owns "The Druid's Egg or Eye"
And In the last stage, Robe and Chain, the Wisdom on what Battles, Where, Why and if taken on in sight of whose most Public Eye.
To take on is the Mark of Mature Druid Oak.
Yet even Strong and Tall Trees often fail gain this deep roots wisdom."

7-1-2017 All roads to the past lead to the truth for the Future. TDK 5-26=2017 facebook
The Gods and Lwa walk among us, as the did in days of Yore.

Riding the bodies of the Poor, Homeless, Hurt and Destitute.

Also often in animals form of foot, tail, and wing. Often ragged, tired, hungry or in other need of help and shelter.

Have you shared a smile, kind word, a cup of water and crust of bread with them?

Have we lost our manners and customs of our Yore Tribes and selves as we have born-again today?


George King What was, is and will be. TDK

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George King Life is like water, sometimes liquid, sometimes soild, sometimes vapor, sometime locked in deep embrace of other things, TDK 

"The Secrets of the Universe:

Those that know seldom say.

Those that say, seldom know."

"TDK 12212016

"In the Land of Trolls, do not sleep under the Bridge" TDK
Poetic (Meaning) To Poke with a Flower covered sharp stick ! (The Druid King Dictionary for Bards).
"What Dark Daggers Hide. Where no true truth may Abide." TDK

Ah the Over-Soul Scribe of eternity. TDK

It is so ODD how people of Nations that praise Individual Freedom, lack of Kingship rule, desire for Democracy etc in this life. Seek so hard to give that all up in the After-Life.

Life is a Wheel, one must roll with it. TDK

"Fear Not Dear Friends.

The Winds of Life blow Strong and Hard.

Even the Mightiest Oak must someday Fall.

'Ad vitam aeternam'

And we will come Again. "


eorge King

Moon and Sun and Water run.
Of were the Druids and the Gods play
To most of the World there is none.
Truth: That which lies between the Light and the Shadow.
The candle of the mind cast the scariest shadows.
Are we not all Puppets dancing on Souls Invisible Strings?

Words can not carry my Curse on Them but the Fates Will.

" It is known that most Say.

But Few Know

"The Bold is for the Young, the Wisdom is for the Old and Truth belongs to the Grave" TDK And of those that Know even fewer Say

This is the way with all things"


 " If one wishing to catch the Hawk, one must leave bread crumbs for the Sparrows." TDK

The depths of a Druii's True Roots like the great Oak or any tree in the forest of Life are really only tested when times are hard and resources scarce.
Or in the face of Strong and Ill winds of Adversity.

This too is true of real friendship among Men an Fae and on the Path which your true life you did lay.

"If one grows old and not rich. One learns to settle for better instead of perfect in most everything." TDK "Not every acorn makes and Oak, yet all serve a great purpose" TDK

"One person's Charlatan is another person's Religious Authority." TDK

 "The Oak must grow where the seed falls. That is Karma or Life. How deep the roots to feed its self, that is Oak and Druid Willpower. " 

Well making rock soup one must expect it to be a bit thin. TDK "The House of Learning starts at the foundations and just takes its final outward shape as it reachs the Apex of Death" 

We should be a bit more forgiving.
This group is a very big forest.

"A like the Tree we sometimes judge things from the taste of our Roots instead of the winds songs in our leaves."