Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Druids Demons Knowledge Currency Power

In  29 years working in Telecommunications with Siemens and Nokia. In ATE engineering at Sensormatic,  In Pulmonary Research at Mt Sinai Hospital (Miami Beach Fl.), At American District Telegraph, USMC (Vietnam 60's) Racal Milgo, Milgo Electronic  and many more companies.

A very clear message always played true. Knowledge and access to Knowledgeable people if carefully controlled misered, released mostly to those above your position was the real key to Power Success and Promotions.

It made no difference if you already possessed it or could just extract it from others. Those that played knowledge well gained, those that shared freely , often preemptively  and to the point of excess of a situations needs.  Lost on just stayed rooted where they were like a Cow on at Rope tied to the Sucker Tree.

It has been said that in the World of the Dominion of Demons, knowledge is coin of their Realm.

Clearly this is also true in the World of Business, Science, Industry and Politics.

So how does this fit the Druid's Woods you ask.  Clearly ancients Druids had the Knowledge of the Times. Used it well and shared with very few its sources and bounty.

Make those that would posses it learn the hard ways and join the very private circle or cast.
Forbid the blanket sharing of it but encouraged it selling on a Just in Time to paying Customer, Toutas, Kings or even the Gods.

And yes most of us bemoan the great loss by our ancient selves the pool of Druidic Knowledge, yet we must have been an active part of its protection and in the end, its final losses .

So today is our most open and giving ways also cause of our lack of great institutions,  successful and respected employment of our arcane crafts  and our Elders in Beggers Robes when older and heath or usefulness in societies other jobs turns its back on them?

Seems to me the Demons had it right along.  What say you ?

Moon Rising
Babel Risen

TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King September 23, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My UPG Druidic Signs Greeting and Nemetonic Space Rituals

Here I will share some Formal and informal Hand signing greeting and creation of Nemetonic Space for Ritual or other uses.

Starting with the simple Greeting sign of first three fingers down in an Awen like sigil . Indicating one is a Druid and recognizes the gifts of Awen from Summerland and our ancient Oak,  Leys, Gods / Goddesses, Fae, our own ancestors and other Otherkin of our very ancient past.

A more Public version of arm and first three fingers up in a agreement sigil or recognizing our own Awen, work and duty to Greater Druidia, Gaia and Summerland.

This will seem fragmented until you read all of it.

Codes for Sigil positions:

ML: Mouth / Lips

LB: Left Breast or just above it.

RB: Right Breast or just above it.

BBPB: Between Belly Button and Pelvis Bone.

FH: Forehead


I Seek / I Share

In I Seek, we will see movement LB to RB for I seek (Right brain hemisphere) to (Left brain hemisphere).
The I Seek can be seen also as the requestor or student mode.

In I Share, we will see movement RB to LB for I share (Left brain hemisphere) to (Right brain hemisphere).

The I Share the answerer or Teachers mode. Yet when two people meet they can use one or the other and then also reverse them.


Making a "Druid
(Hamarr) Mjölnir"  Hammer Sigil.

I Seek:

With flat of  Left Hand or Fist for more power. Place and move in this order.


2) ML

3) LB

4) RB

5) ML

In these five movements you have formed the "Druid Hammer Sigil"

I Share:

With flat of  Right Hand or Fist for more power. Place and move in this order.


2) ML

3) RB

4) LB

5) ML

In these five movements you have formed the "Druid Hammer Sigil"

Sacred Space and casting circles (if you use them).

In calling quarters for Nemetonic space I most often prefer Widdershins starting at:

The East with I Seek Sigil

Then North I Share Sigil

Then West I Seek Sigil

and ending South with I Share Sigil.

See Deosil or Widdershins Witch Way to Turn:

Druid or Heathen Hammer Sigil:

The Normal Heathen , Bunor-Thor touching of FH is to me a "Law Met Tet" admission or God of the Head. While correct for Heathens that have Thor as their main or one of main Gods.

This is not so for most Druids and using the ML, speaks of Honor to 
Lady (Hamarr) Mjölnir and Gods Goddesses but not always subservient worship of them.

I look at using a sigil signing of Lady (Hamarr) Mjölnir in her most spiritual sense.that Wyrd (fate personified) and Orlog (fundamental law) are her Heads while Hamingja (Family Souls or Bloodlines) her fore-haf.  

Unverified personal gnosishttp://thedruidking.blogspot.com/2014/09/my-upg.html

UPG from Lady (Hamarr) Mjölnir's  Lullaby of the Gods.

Moon Rising 
Babel Risen

TDK . The Druid King.

Copyright George King September 18, 2014  Blog may be shared freely if in full.

Use in all Druidic Rituals of course is granted. GK


The Wonderful advantages of "My UPG"

Unverified personal gnosis (often abbreviated UPG) is the phenomenological concept that an individual's spiritual insights (or gnosis) may be valid for them without beinggeneralizable to the experience of others. It is primarily a neologism used in polytheistic reconstructionism, to differentiate it from ancient sources of spiritual practices.
<< R. 

I often write and share concepts or views that if there are "Historical verifiable References" I either  do not know them or bother to share them. Thereby letting the works fall under the category of "UPG"

This is in the  Neo-PHD "Pagan Heathen Druid" world a wonderful thing.

1) It allows the easy Use It or Lose It with out having nagging guilt that someone may know something very very old that you do not but perhaps feel you should. Thereby eliminating a reason to to attack it.

2) If it is UPG and I believe all that we create without direct knowledge of other available sources that we have been exposed to is UPG. Then the road to saying prove it is closed for good.

Yes you can agree or disagree with it , "Take it or Leave It". Even  show other sources that would indicate that this or that is or was not this or that way.

3) But if you expect there are other sources and the UPG was plagiarized, then that to adds perhaps value to it. Remembering we all almost have past lives, some form of Universal Psychic Mind and varying access to the Akashic Records Library. Do you still have your card?

So if you find something I share upsets you and I did not leave reference of others you can attack.
Will chalk it up to UPG, have a drink and feel free to send me some money for for scholarly research in the future. 

Moon Rising
Babel Risen
TDK / The Druid King

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Path when ask.

Old Un-Reformed Techno-Druid and Natural Witch.

 I most often Listen to the Spirit of the First Ancient Oak and Way the Ley across the veils of Time.

 I deal with all Otherkin on a two way Street or the Cross-Roads  

I am Friend to the Otherkins, Fae, dJinn the Loa and Most Gods and Goddesses, but respect their Time and Patience, with Human Kind and UnKind. 

And work in their service for my Price as did the Ancient Druids we once were, Also often Scroll for SummerLand.


I Believe, UPG and Dogma

Just a note of Observation.

First I am in no way a C.R. "Celtic Reconstructionist", yet I often admire most of their efforts.

Even so Good is where you find it and I would like to Borrow a Page from their ways.

By adding the simple two words (I Believe)  before stating any point of belief that comes across as an absolute fact. Goes a long way in keeping a Moot ot Cauldron's temperature from over heating or looking Dogmatic.

And yes I do fail to do this as often as I should. Sometimes UPG is best to use if one has had special contact but most often we are dealing with personal or even general public conclusions bested on ours or others interpretation of  observed Data.

>>Unverified personal gnosis (often abbreviated UPG) is the phenomenological concept that an individual's spiritual insights (or gnosis) may be valid for them <<