Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Druids Demons Knowledge Currency Power

In  29 years working in Telecommunications with Siemens and Nokia. In ATE engineering at Sensormatic,  In Pulmonary Research at Mt Sinai Hospital (Miami Beach Fl.), At American District Telegraph, USMC (Vietnam 60's) Racal Milgo, Milgo Electronic  and many more companies.

A very clear message always played true. Knowledge and access to Knowledgeable people if carefully controlled misered, released mostly to those above your position was the real key to Power Success and Promotions.

It made no difference if you already possessed it or could just extract it from others. Those that played knowledge well gained, those that shared freely , often preemptively  and to the point of excess of a situations needs.  Lost on just stayed rooted where they were like a Cow on at Rope tied to the Sucker Tree.

It has been said that in the World of the Dominion of Demons, knowledge is coin of their Realm.

Clearly this is also true in the World of Business, Science, Industry and Politics.

So how does this fit the Druid's Woods you ask.  Clearly ancients Druids had the Knowledge of the Times. Used it well and shared with very few its sources and bounty.

Make those that would posses it learn the hard ways and join the very private circle or cast.
Forbid the blanket sharing of it but encouraged it selling on a Just in Time to paying Customer, Toutas, Kings or even the Gods.

And yes most of us bemoan the great loss by our ancient selves the pool of Druidic Knowledge, yet we must have been an active part of its protection and in the end, its final losses .

So today is our most open and giving ways also cause of our lack of great institutions,  successful and respected employment of our arcane crafts  and our Elders in Beggers Robes when older and heath or usefulness in societies other jobs turns its back on them?

Seems to me the Demons had it right along.  What say you ?

Moon Rising
Babel Risen

TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King September 23, 2014

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  1. I say Knowledge Is Power....I agree with you 100% George!