Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Natural Witch - Druid Reincarnated fishes in the Leys of Time.


I have pondered for many years if I should write in this subject at all. From the time in 1971 Craeftgemot Witancoveyne (A Druid Church and School in America) was recognized by the United States of America as Druid religion with all the protections rights and responsibilities of any government recognized religion in America has. I knew that we at Craeftgemot Witancoveyne saw and followed a somewhat different path than our other Druid friends of the 60s and 70s that were starting Groves Churches or Fellowships seemed to be talking. Yet our older a sage friends of the old ways in America and Europe were well pleased with the road we walked.
Our Ancient Druid past has been calling out to me in a ever stronger voice these nights as I walk the local Ley. So I have followed the will of our past and will try to share what I can. If it helps you Moon Rising, if it upsets you, it was not intended to and perhaps like the Dark Moon this feeling will pass. Should you wish to discuss it. Feel free to Face Book "George King" Friend and Message me or E-mail me at DruidKing@cosmicsalamander.com  With "Druid Question" as subject title. 
George King / TDK

A Natural Witch - Druid Reincarnated fishes in the Leys of Time.

Walking along the Ley as the ancient stars above guide my way.

 I am reminded of Yesterday was it 100,000 year or a million years away when Druids ruled the Day?

And at night with the sweet Goddess of all Nature along the hidden Leys we would play..

Oh Sisters Oh Brothers of all the Tribes, Clans or Crowns do you still, like I, regret the path we took on that far off awful day? TDK

 And this brings me to the question of what is difference between a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) and a Reformed or Reconstructionist Druid? Leaving the different dogmas of the many different groups aside. For me there is a more basic Pagus Heartbeat that makes the difference.

The Reformed Druids seem to wish to leave and reject all of the written histories Druid related Press, that chills the timid or silly hearts of today away.

We all know history is written by the Victor and as we withdrew from the field of Earth's combat. We know the Romans had no reason to speak kindly or truly of us as they extinguished the burning embers of the Old ways in the Celts.

So what is the position of a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) on our so called Dark Past. Very simple we served Nature and the Celtic Nations with Honor and Wisdom both in matters of divine faith and Societal Law.

We accept the wisdom of our elder self's that during their time and place in the old world the actions of the Druids as whole were correct and as it needed to be.

It is this Simple; what was was and was as it needed to be. We neither accept or reject any historical records of how the Druids administrated Faith or Law for the Celtic Nations. Today as in the past a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) adjust the Faith and the Laws to best meet the needs and levels of understanding of Celts and the Nations that they serve within.

And now the Reconstructionist Druids. One does not Reconstruct what was not Deconstructed. The ways of the Druids of old were removed yes and buried in the Ley ways of Time. It is not so much that a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) needs to reconstruct the Druid ways of the past like a watch setting torn apart, but to retrieve the Druids' seeds like ancient acorns and plant them in rich and tended soil so the OAKs of old may grown again. This does not mean that the historic records of old and discoveries to archaeology of today do not offer Golden Threads that can lead to our sacred and lost seeds of the past. But that once the Golden thread is found let your own Druid past life teach you how to replant, nourish and grow these hidden acorns into mighty Oaks that can survive and protect Man and Nature today.
The Druid King

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soul Mates, Twin Flames or What?

Soul Mates or what some call Twin Flames as there are more that one use of T.F. Term (there is the Male / Female Angel version and Human / God-Goddess version to name plus the two human souls verson.) And of course the the issue of same sex soul mates. -TDK
Question from A.A.:
>>I was thinking about Twin Flames as the subject for the next few days. I realize there are conflicting and contrasting views on this. What's your take on it?<<
How I see issue:
Twin flames, sometimes called twin souls and soul mates: Soul fragmentation and meeting or mating with fragments in the same lifetime is a complex issue, each case may be very different with both pros and cons to such mergers. - TDK
The real issue here is why does two or more fragments of an Over Soul come into being in the same Space / Time frame and is their meeting really the experiences the Over Soul wanted or needed? - TDK
 Same Sex Soul Mates.
As I see Soul mates a an issue of one soul fragmenting in the same Time / Space window and Planet. There is really no issue with which sex or same sex bodies these fragment inhabit from a Soul Mate attraction point of view.
The Souls apparent Sex and the bodies Sex is a more complex and delicate issue to perhaps address at another time. -TDK
>> you've managed to mention two sides to the issue that I am so-far aware of: Twin Souls where issues can be wonderful or catastrophic when the two 'halves' come into close contact, and Soul Mates which seems to be like finding the Yin to the Yang or vice versa. What about the possibility of the Twin Flame being another aspect of an Ascended Being or Deity? <<
>>I better clarify - sorry it's late for me - when I mentioned the aspect of an ascended being or deity, I was thinking about the theory that became popular in the 1960s that archangels for example have a definite male and that they have a Tw...in Flame which is the representation of their feminine side. This is not to say that all archangels are male, it's just an example, and it's not a theory I particularly buy into. I'm simply interested in what you think.<<
Hi A. A.
Thanks for clarification. I would need to go back to the akashic records library for this one if I really wanted accurate data, ugh! Still I believe that the So called Archangels (of the Book) were made to be a Sterile, Slave, Warrior race. - TDK
I do accept that their predecessors were able to reproduce and could be consider to be both Female and Male like after a long period of being by sexual reproductive entities. I do not see that as a possibility, The concept of twins or soul fragmentation assumes the same source materials. One could say the life spark of Goddess / God is part of all souls but this is very far removed. In Techno Druidism we accept an Over Soul concept, but this does not fit your statement either. TDK

The Druid King
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Walking along LEY in The Witching Switching Hour 02-25-2012

A call to Hearthstones and Banners!

As I walk along the Ley in the Witching Switching Hour.

 I feel the cool breeze gentle flow over my bare skin.

The Stars are bright and I remember just how far our souls have been.

I am again reminded of the Fey and their ancient and awesome power.

Were we right to leave the Celts, knowing Civis would bring them to this dark and evil hour?

Where man has regained the ancient forbidden power and with chemistry off the shelf.

Brings War on the seeds of life even our Goddess Nature her very self.

Yes we swore the Druids would return, reborn in her hour of need, to raise our banners high once again.

With our Burning Souls Staffs Swords and Magick words of the Wind.

So we came but not in numbers high, old powers now weaker than the mouse.

Yet I call to all of you it is time to unveil the Hidden Hearthstones and stand again hail.

For it will not just the end the Druids or the Celts but life its self should we once again to fail.

The Druid King

Copyright George King 02-25-2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ogham or Celtic Tree Alphabet a Druid View

 Wikipedia http:// en.Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Ogham >>"Ogham is sometimes called the "Celtic Tree Alphabet", based on a High Medieval Bríatharogam tradition ascribing names of trees to the individual letters. There are roughly 400 surviving ogham inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and western Britain; the bulk of them are in the south of Ireland, in Counties Kerry, Cork and Waterford. The largest number outside of Ireland is in Pembrokeshire in Wales.[4] The remainder are mostly in south-eastern Ireland, Scotland, Orkney Isles, the Isle of Man, and England around the Devon/Cornwall border. The vast majority of the inscriptions consist of personal names.
The etymology of the word ogam or ogham remains unclear. One possible origin is from the Irish og-úaim 'point-seam', referring to the seam made by the point of a sharp weapon.[5]"<<
TDK -> Wikipedia is fine on this as far as it goes. Which is all almost anyone needs today.
The rest of this limited disclosure is under copyright of George King 02-15-2012 starting here.

"Ogham or Celtic Tree Alphabet a Druid View.
The straight line marking style of writing with an ax or sharp stone served well of writing on Trees and Wooden Poles a free and endless supply of outdoor quality paper for a forest dwelling people.
Of course this is not the true root of of the Ogham language and symbols.  Certain ancient and subgroups each took a different tree as identification and informational focal and storage system. From this practice and use by these long gone visitors, their mixed breed decedents continued to use the outward simple aspects of this system for communications. To my knowledge there is few to none that have any real access to its older higher levels of information or encoding. Then there is the always interesting question of the Chicken and the Egg. Did the Ancients adopt the different Tree types or did they bring these seeds with them or alter stock that was already here for their special needs?
Well as nothing is know of them except from (D.B.G.T method) research that few can or chose to do. I will leave it to the reader to discover more. I have peeled back the veil of time just enough to reveal a almost lost trail. Happy journeys to all.
The Druid King"
Copy right 02-15-2012 George King

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poltergeist Activity

I would agree that many recorded cases poltergeist activity have occurred in families with someone going through the stages of puberty.

 As there is a great deal of hormonal activity and changes talking place in the hypothalamus and pituitary glad at this time. Are these neural chemical changes the cause of spontaneous telekinetic abilities by the child? Or is the child's hormonal changes opening a window to other external entites that now have a possible focal point, access channel or temporary food source due to the child's new brain-body chemistry changes, emotions and activities ?

For me the case is very much open but I lean toward the latter being external opportunistic evolvement.  Yes Poltergeist activity it does (to Pun) open a interesting set of doors Also if where only a bio-chemical condition I would expect it manifest its self in young of other mammals.

The Druid King

Copy Right Feburary 12, 2012 George King

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tilting at Life's Windmills:

Once upon a time, a small group of souls were travelling through the old lands when they came upon an old Windmill still turning in the wind.

They watch it for a little while and at last they began to speak.

First the Accountant said, I wonder if they got a good return on their investment, did they get a tax break?

Then the Engineer said with a sneer. Hell an electric motor could do a better job any day..

The Environmentalist cried but its Green Technology and the Wind is Free.

Baa Humbug the Politician said, Green is for the birds and nothing is really free. Give me good old Coal, as he smiled, thoughts of campaign donations filling his mind..

Now Psychiatrist shaking his head spoke. I wonder if you are all crazy and just see your own Dragons turning in the wind.

At last they all stared at the Burjo watchings the windmill slowly turn. Ok oh great Druid or Psychic Witch whatever you be. Pray tell us poor normal mortals here what the hell do you see?

Laughing one soul said oh I bet he thinks he sees the Wind and great roar passed through the others.

At last the Burjo said with a sad sigh. No man sees the wind, but by its actions we all know it is there.

I see the Sun God, kissing the Goddess Earth and giving to us all, hidden blessing and power if we will only raise our sails and ride the Magick in the Wind.

The Druid King

Copy Right 02-09-2012 George King