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Soul Mates, Twin Flames or What?

Soul Mates or what some call Twin Flames as there are more that one use of T.F. Term (there is the Male / Female Angel version and Human / God-Goddess version to name plus the two human souls verson.) And of course the the issue of same sex soul mates. -TDK
Question from A.A.:
>>I was thinking about Twin Flames as the subject for the next few days. I realize there are conflicting and contrasting views on this. What's your take on it?<<
How I see issue:
Twin flames, sometimes called twin souls and soul mates: Soul fragmentation and meeting or mating with fragments in the same lifetime is a complex issue, each case may be very different with both pros and cons to such mergers. - TDK
The real issue here is why does two or more fragments of an Over Soul come into being in the same Space / Time frame and is their meeting really the experiences the Over Soul wanted or needed? - TDK
 Same Sex Soul Mates.
As I see Soul mates a an issue of one soul fragmenting in the same Time / Space window and Planet. There is really no issue with which sex or same sex bodies these fragment inhabit from a Soul Mate attraction point of view.
The Souls apparent Sex and the bodies Sex is a more complex and delicate issue to perhaps address at another time. -TDK
>> you've managed to mention two sides to the issue that I am so-far aware of: Twin Souls where issues can be wonderful or catastrophic when the two 'halves' come into close contact, and Soul Mates which seems to be like finding the Yin to the Yang or vice versa. What about the possibility of the Twin Flame being another aspect of an Ascended Being or Deity? <<
>>I better clarify - sorry it's late for me - when I mentioned the aspect of an ascended being or deity, I was thinking about the theory that became popular in the 1960s that archangels for example have a definite male and that they have a Flame which is the representation of their feminine side. This is not to say that all archangels are male, it's just an example, and it's not a theory I particularly buy into. I'm simply interested in what you think.<<
Hi A. A.
Thanks for clarification. I would need to go back to the akashic records library for this one if I really wanted accurate data, ugh! Still I believe that the So called Archangels (of the Book) were made to be a Sterile, Slave, Warrior race. - TDK
I do accept that their predecessors were able to reproduce and could be consider to be both Female and Male like after a long period of being by sexual reproductive entities. I do not see that as a possibility, The concept of twins or soul fragmentation assumes the same source materials. One could say the life spark of Goddess / God is part of all souls but this is very far removed. In Techno Druidism we accept an Over Soul concept, but this does not fit your statement either. TDK

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