Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tilting at Life's Windmills:

Once upon a time, a small group of souls were travelling through the old lands when they came upon an old Windmill still turning in the wind.

They watch it for a little while and at last they began to speak.

First the Accountant said, I wonder if they got a good return on their investment, did they get a tax break?

Then the Engineer said with a sneer. Hell an electric motor could do a better job any day..

The Environmentalist cried but its Green Technology and the Wind is Free.

Baa Humbug the Politician said, Green is for the birds and nothing is really free. Give me good old Coal, as he smiled, thoughts of campaign donations filling his mind..

Now Psychiatrist shaking his head spoke. I wonder if you are all crazy and just see your own Dragons turning in the wind.

At last they all stared at the Burjo watchings the windmill slowly turn. Ok oh great Druid or Psychic Witch whatever you be. Pray tell us poor normal mortals here what the hell do you see?

Laughing one soul said oh I bet he thinks he sees the Wind and great roar passed through the others.

At last the Burjo said with a sad sigh. No man sees the wind, but by its actions we all know it is there.

I see the Sun God, kissing the Goddess Earth and giving to us all, hidden blessing and power if we will only raise our sails and ride the Magick in the Wind.

The Druid King

Copy Right 02-09-2012 George King

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