Friday, October 28, 2016

Am I a Druid?

"The Sacred Oak and Ley call the Druids home. 
If you feel the call you belong.

But we were and are the Few.
Born again of Soul's Renew.

Fear not what others think or say.
Let Sun and Moon help you on your way.

To the Earth always be true.
And as a Druid, I will address you."

TDK / The Druid King

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The rope on the Mantel Place

Even the wisest Southern Gentleman I even knew was in his day both good and a FOOL.

A very high Degree Mason, an Architect and even by hand alone home builder.

My Grandfather, yet as a young child I was shown his piece of the lynching rope, still on the mantel of a very real working fireplace, and told the sad story with pride in his eyes by my Father.

Yes, both were good Men, Both Southern Baptist every Sunday.

Honest Hard Working and very Damn Fools that a young child come see and see through like window glass that was born thousands of years too old.


Friday, September 30, 2016

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Soul's Notes: The Elevator of Life after Life

Helping an arriving Human Soul or one that is a bit lost in the Astral or as we call it "Summer's-Lands" Ref. 1

Is a great honor, great burden and both very glad and very sad time.

A Great Honor in that you were psychically linked, trusted, respected, true friend of or one that cared for this soul.

Also the honor of personally seeing and being part of the wheel of "Life after Life" while alive in this very dark hard matter world we are currently in.

A Great Burden in it both is a very energetic drain on the physcal shell (body) and it makes it harder if times are hard to stay focused on the needs of our physical World and Body.

A very Glad Time, being able to see again most often someone from you past, dearly liked, loved or Respected. Often was older than you in the physical count.

A Very Sad time because it is most likely this Soul has just returned (Died) to Summerslands. Is in a very lost and confused state of mind. Even
with a restored physical body that they can not yet accept.
I am writing this just a few hours after returning from just such a task. A Friend and Senor Engineer (Howard Parish at Migo Electronics, that I spend many thousands of hours working for and with in the 60's and 70's. (Two cups of sugar to one cup of coffee guy.) 

I Summerlands Scroll Jot these words in hope that they may help others that find themselves in such a task.

TDK / The Druid King


(Summer as a warm with abundance of everything and safe time. Compare to the Hardships and food scarcity Winter posed for all in this World.)

(Lands as the Astral sometimes called Astral Planes has many many levels and places or virtual like realities.

Perhaps upper branches on Yggdrasil.)

Friday, July 1, 2016

More TDKs

 "The Secrets of the Universe:

Those that know seldom say.

Those that say, seldom know."

"TDK 12212016

"In the Land of Trolls, do not sleep under the Bridge" TDK
Poetic (Meaning) To Poke with a Flower covered sharp stick ! (The Druid King Dictionary for Bards).
"What Dark Daggers Hide. Where no true truth may Abide." TDK

Ah the Over-Soul Scribe of eternity. TDK

It is so ODD how people of Nations that praise Individual Freedom, lack of Kingship rule, desire for Democracy etc in this life. Seek so hard to give that all up in the After-Life.

Life is a Wheel, one must roll with it. TDK

"Fear Not Dear Friends.

The Winds of Life blow Strong and Hard.

Even the Mightiest Oak must someday Fall.

'Ad vitam aeternam'

And we will come Again. "


eorge King

Moon and Sun and Water run.
Of were the Druids and the Gods play
To most of the World there is none.
Truth: That which lies between the Light and the Shadow.
The candle of the mind cast the scariest shadows.
Are we not all Puppets dancing on Souls Invisible Strings?

Words can not carry my Curse on Them but the Fates Will.

" It is known that most Say.

But Few Know

"The Bold is for the Young, the Wisdom is for the Old and Truth belongs to the Grave" TDK And of those that Know even fewer Say

This is the way with all things"


 " If one wishing to catch the Hawk, one must leave bread crumbs for the Sparrows." TDK

The depths of a Druii's True Roots like the great Oak or any tree in the forest of Life are really only tested when times are hard and resources scarce.
Or in the face of Strong and Ill winds of Adversity.

This too is true of real friendship among Men an Fae and on the Path which your true life you did lay.

"If one grows old and not rich. One learns to settle for better instead of perfect in most everything." TDK "Not every acorn makes and Oak, yet all serve a great purpose" TDK

"One person's Charlatan is another person's Religious Authority." TDK

 "The Oak must grow where the seed falls. That is Karma or Life. How deep the roots to feed its self, that is Oak and Druid Willpower. " 

Well making rock soup one must expect it to be a bit thin. TDK "The House of Learning starts at the foundations and just takes its final outward shape as it reachs the Apex of Death" 

We should be a bit more forgiving.
This group is a very big forest.

"A like the Tree we sometimes judge things from the taste of our Roots instead of the winds songs in our leaves."

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Druidic Chains, Robes and Vestments

Generally accepted colors for Druidic Robes:and Vestments.

Green = Vate or Ovate

Blue = Bard

White = Elders, Druids or old Farts

Same for Fascia, Ribbons, Sash, Scarf, Stole or Tippet.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Past Life Awen, Knowledge Renew.


Some call it the Golden Thread. Others amazing insight or intuition.

Some people just seem to know the answer or are able to reach correct conclusions with out sufficient knowledge, data or experience. And very often they can not explain how  or why they reached a certain conclusion or took a certain course of action.

Often when pressed for a answer they will only be able to honestly say, it felt right. So how to they do this. Many of us are familiar with inspiration or creative ideas as Awen. And yes I am sure this exist and can be accessed by us all.

But  there is a second form of Awen, I refer to as Past life Awen.   Where (in my Three Consciousness  model) problems the Conscious Mind can not solve are pasted down to the Subconscious Mind, if it can not mashup a solution, in some people these questions are pasted out to the Superconscious Mind. A wideband transceiver that can can interface your past and future lives "Soul Stream"

A while the easiest source of Past / Future live Awen is your own Soul's experiences. It is my belief that you can also tap into the experiences of others souls and minds. Both living now and in your Soul Stream.

So Happy Awen, Knowledge Renew to All!


Golden Thread:

Thee Level Mind:
A three level consciousness  model, I use.
Conscious Mind > Subconscious Mind >  Superconscious Mind.
Superconscious Mind: A wideband transceiver that can can interface your past and future lives "Soul Stream" and the Universe in general at a deep psychic level.

Oversoul: A shadowy Intelligence, that guides and integrates all your Lives, present , past and future  experiences into a forming Godhead.

Also see:

SPG "Soul Pool Group",:
A group of souls that tend to reincarnate somewhat together, often in families lines, tribal lines, locational  lines etc. One of the reasons you keep running into people you somehow seem to already know. It is believed by me that this group Dies and reincarnates in a average time period of three generations or three hundred years on the long side.

And yes there is more than one SPG alive and on earth at the same time.

Soul Stream:
A term I have coined to indicate not just your past or future lives but that also of your Oversoul and your "Soul Pool Group" (SPG) group pool of Souls one tends to reincarnate with.

Copyright March, 20, 2016 George King.

May be freely shared in its complete form in a free publication.

For other uses contact The Cosmic Salamander Inc.
5631 NW 77ct Ct.
Coconut Creek, Fl.  33073 USA.
or / 954-698-6926

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What color are my robes (am I a Druid)?

One most always keep in mind.

There is no one Robe fits all nor patent or trademarks the term nor the concept of Druid.

To some the bones of the past wisper this or that.

To others they feel they must Reform and seem to sleep with the Romans.

For others. To others ancient Oak and Stone cut Let, wisper dreams that guild their way.

To many the past is dead and should be sweep away. Except title Druid has a nice ring in modern day.

So if to Order, Grove or Tribe you have pledged to follow their own way..
Do so for sure and they will name your robes on the way.

Otherwise go deep in the woods, let wind, leaves and Summer's Bees help show you, your own Awen and redream your robes of yesterday.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Modern Gods

While not everyone feels they are a polytheists, even among Druids or other Pagans.

I feel when they look at the Modern Gods, they will see that they to are deep into Polytheism. To show what I mean, lets look at the B Family of Gods and Goddesses.

The B Family of Gods and Goddesses:

How many times have we been admonished to be more like these Gods and Goddesses?

Or wished and prayed to them in need, frustration or despair.

And of Course we all know someone that claims to be a direct descendant of the Family Matriarch “Queen Bee” .

And everyone has wished or prayed to their most popular Aunt, "Gonna Be" .

The B Family:


(Family Matriarch Great Goddesses) Queen Bee

(Horny old Woody) Would Be

(Brother Carl) Could Be
(Brother Shane) Should Be

(Sister Candy) Can Be
(Sister May) May Be

(Uncle Wilbur) Will Be

(Aunt Gray) Gonna Be

(Crazy cousin Wilma) Wanna Be

Moon Rising
TDK / The Druid King

(c) Copyright February 2016 George King

is the worship of or belief in multiple deities usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses, along with their own religions and rituals. In most religions which accept polytheism, the different gods and goddesses are representations of forces of nature or ancestral principles, and can be viewed either as autonomous or as aspects or emanations of a creator God or transcendental absolute principle (monistic theologies), which manifests immanently in nature (panentheistic and pantheistic theologies).

It is a type of theism. Within theism, it contrasts with monotheism, the belief in a singular God, in most cases transcendent. Polytheists do not always worship all the gods equally, but can be henotheists, specializing in the worship of one particular deity. Other polytheists can bekathenotheists, worshiping different deities at different times.