Thursday, September 8, 2016

Soul's Notes: The Elevator of Life after Life

Helping an arriving Human Soul or one that is a bit lost in the Astral or as we call it "Summer's-Lands" Ref. 1

Is a great honor, great burden and both very glad and very sad time.

A Great Honor in that you were psychically linked, trusted, respected, true friend of or one that cared for this soul.

Also the honor of personally seeing and being part of the wheel of "Life after Life" while alive in this very dark hard matter world we are currently in.

A Great Burden in it both is a very energetic drain on the physcal shell (body) and it makes it harder if times are hard to stay focused on the needs of our physical World and Body.

A very Glad Time, being able to see again most often someone from you past, dearly liked, loved or Respected. Often was older than you in the physical count.

A Very Sad time because it is most likely this Soul has just returned (Died) to Summerslands. Is in a very lost and confused state of mind. Even
with a restored physical body that they can not yet accept.
I am writing this just a few hours after returning from just such a task. A Friend and Senor Engineer (Howard Parish at Migo Electronics, that I spend many thousands of hours working for and with in the 60's and 70's. (Two cups of sugar to one cup of coffee guy.) 

I Summerlands Scroll Jot these words in hope that they may help others that find themselves in such a task.

TDK / The Druid King


(Summer as a warm with abundance of everything and safe time. Compare to the Hardships and food scarcity Winter posed for all in this World.)

(Lands as the Astral sometimes called Astral Planes has many many levels and places or virtual like realities.

Perhaps upper branches on Yggdrasil.)

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  1. Perhaps you have noticed how so very few Druids ever talk about perhaps the most important knowledge, help, experience, gift, we ever gave the Celts in the past or have to share today.