Sunday, March 20, 2016

Past Life Awen, Knowledge Renew.


Some call it the Golden Thread. Others amazing insight or intuition.

Some people just seem to know the answer or are able to reach correct conclusions with out sufficient knowledge, data or experience. And very often they can not explain how  or why they reached a certain conclusion or took a certain course of action.

Often when pressed for a answer they will only be able to honestly say, it felt right. So how to they do this. Many of us are familiar with inspiration or creative ideas as Awen. And yes I am sure this exist and can be accessed by us all.

But  there is a second form of Awen, I refer to as Past life Awen.   Where (in my Three Consciousness  model) problems the Conscious Mind can not solve are pasted down to the Subconscious Mind, if it can not mashup a solution, in some people these questions are pasted out to the Superconscious Mind. A wideband transceiver that can can interface your past and future lives "Soul Stream"

A while the easiest source of Past / Future live Awen is your own Soul's experiences. It is my belief that you can also tap into the experiences of others souls and minds. Both living now and in your Soul Stream.

So Happy Awen, Knowledge Renew to All!


Golden Thread:

Thee Level Mind:
A three level consciousness  model, I use.
Conscious Mind > Subconscious Mind >  Superconscious Mind.
Superconscious Mind: A wideband transceiver that can can interface your past and future lives "Soul Stream" and the Universe in general at a deep psychic level.

Oversoul: A shadowy Intelligence, that guides and integrates all your Lives, present , past and future  experiences into a forming Godhead.

Also see:

SPG "Soul Pool Group",:
A group of souls that tend to reincarnate somewhat together, often in families lines, tribal lines, locational  lines etc. One of the reasons you keep running into people you somehow seem to already know. It is believed by me that this group Dies and reincarnates in a average time period of three generations or three hundred years on the long side.

And yes there is more than one SPG alive and on earth at the same time.

Soul Stream:
A term I have coined to indicate not just your past or future lives but that also of your Oversoul and your "Soul Pool Group" (SPG) group pool of Souls one tends to reincarnate with.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

What color are my robes (am I a Druid)?

One most always keep in mind.

There is no one Robe fits all nor patent or trademarks the term nor the concept of Druid.

To some the bones of the past wisper this or that.

To others they feel they must Reform and seem to sleep with the Romans.

For others. To others ancient Oak and Stone cut Let, wisper dreams that guild their way.

To many the past is dead and should be sweep away. Except title Druid has a nice ring in modern day.

So if to Order, Grove or Tribe you have pledged to follow their own way..
Do so for sure and they will name your robes on the way.

Otherwise go deep in the woods, let wind, leaves and Summer's Bees help show you, your own Awen and redream your robes of yesterday.