Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Golden Thread

There is something called the a GT "Golden Thread" that can help teach us all.
It is that quite wakening that happens when you hear, see or read something that is a part of a Truth you knew in a Past Life. This is most often a very quite little voice or just the smallest glimmer of Golden Light.

It can be but is usually not a Ah Ha or Eureka moment, like when a group of ideas in your conscious and subconscious all of a sudden come together. The GT is more like a very small itch and scratching it just keeps reveling more understanding and GTs. GTs to me are very different then inspiration, creativity or the flow of Awen. They are more like rediscovering a gold mine you had already worked from you past lives.

A GT can been even from fiction that its Author had no belief in at all. Following a GT will over time write volumes between the lines of what you read.

The Druid King

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  1. I think a prime example is the definition of Robert Jordan's sadar/ sadin. It gives a fairly accurate definition of how to open oneself to the source of life in reality even if it is only from a fantasy novel.

    1. Robert should have been aware: he as raised in the family's trad. My first elder was his cousin. There is far more validity in his books than most realize. I had he blessing of training under the clan's Healer the last few months of her life - may you rest easily, My Lady, until you choose to return, and to you as well Robert. /I\

  2. George King As a Un reformed old Druid, I find Druid Searle's Imbas words filled with wisdom of the Soul.

    There is for sure much difference from the dark past today I expect in our modern role playing and also sincere life building of us all.

    Oddly perhaps I am very very tolerant of all sources of Ideas and Writings, even outright lies.

    Does it carry Golden Threads for the Reader. That help bring Life Body Soul and After Life into better focus understanding and communications. If so it has served Good Purpose . TDK