Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is there really anything or anyone out there to Honor, Worship or even Respect ?

A Question of all my Pagus friends do people really believe in the reality of their path and the Forces that they interact (or try to) with, as real useful intelligent external entities from them self's? Here I why I pose this question.
A question was ask by a fellow Druid: So...was religion/beliefs the cause of man becoming farmers?

After many answers that centered only around the Hunter Gather Humans becoming more skilled at understandings and using seeds by various forms of observation.

I noted, interesting how the concept of real intelligent non human entites like God / Godess / Fae / Alien / OtherKin Guiding Teaching Humans in a real Hands on way has not been suggested. And to think about what this really says!

The point I was trying to make in a gentle way is while so many seem try to understand and copy the Druids / Witches / Pagans of ancient past In areas like, what Gods or Goddesses did they Honor, how did they Worship, When, Where et.

Then the question of the Root Cause of a major boost to human kind's societal development comes up. There seems few if any considering the possibility of Divine or external help coming into play. If such external help did not come into play when needed, Why Honor or Worship anything or anyone except the human bloodline its self? Is all these Druidic / Witch / Pagan / Et God - Goddess trapping and services to most from our past just a scam, if so why still play the game?

Oh and I believe there was and is many external intelligent forces interacting with the human race behind the veils on both sides.  This is way I believe the Druids , OtherKin and all Psychic Races / Tribes, Peoples and Nations have been attacked and distroyed in this great Pagus --- Civis War.

The Druid King

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  1. Interesting thought. I often wonder if the wars supposedly fought in the name of religion were being waged between incorporeal intelligences, using men as fodder.

    So its less frequent, but some ppl worshipped dragon and serpent people if we go back far enough. Maybe the motives were different with each of the races. Perhaps some were /are more benign /kind to man than others. Everyone has an agenda.