Saturday, April 28, 2012

The ABC's of Druidism.

For me there are three main open or public facets of Druidism and how and why a Druid acts as she or he does. First let me add that being a Druid is not something that one turns on and off or only does on a specific day of the week. Yes there can be very formal and special public or private rituals that a Druid may do. Yet, those are just a small part of the Druid's life. So lets go back to the ABC's of Druidism.

A) as ABOVE, the awareness of the Astral World or what some others call the Heavenly World. Here creation is in a pure energy form that also serves as the patterns for our Physical World. The Astral World or Summerland as we call it is where the soul both comes from to occupy the physical body at birth and where it returns upon the body's death. The awareness of the reincarnation cycle effects how we view every action and reaction in life and our preparations for not death but the afterlife and upcoming rebirth. It is in the Astral World where the Druids First and most powerful Magick strand is woven.

B) as Below, the awareness of the interconnected web of all life, Gala, Genius Loci the spirt of the Land. The Druid heart beats in tune with the Pagus heart beat of the Planet, its seasons and rhythms. It is here that the Druid communications with Nature, all Life and the Elements. Here below in the Pagus network the Druid weaves the second strand of Magick.

C) as in Common, Community and Commitment .The Druid reaches Above and Below but always with awareness and responsibly to the straight ahead and all around, all encompassing Community of Life that is the Druid's duty to protect, guide and serve. It is here where the Druid weaves the third strand of Magick and where the Magick manifest itself to the World. The three stands of Druid Magickal weaving are the results of the Druid's invisible focused will in the Great Work.

Yes there is more than the ABC's in a Druid's worlds on both sides of the veils. Things both of Light and Dark, of OtherKin races, of Gods and Goddesses, of pools of ancient energy, and Laws of the Ley. Things only whispered in the darkest parts of the Forest or Soul.

The Druid King

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  1. I have just this week decided to study Druidry. I have enrolled in an online course. I will be reading your blog with special interest, learning what I can to add to my online course. Gee, that puts a big responsibility on your shoulders doesn't it ;)

  2. The Oak drops its Acorns, what.s next is up to the Squirrel.