Friday, June 16, 2017

The Three Levels of the Mind.

My own Model of the Brain/Mind Levels of Consciousness is a Three Level. Excluding the " limbic or Reptile" brain.

Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious being an Ultra Wide Band Reciever/Transmitter that tunes across Space, Time, and the Dimensions, including Spirit, Summerlands or Astral Plains or Death/Birth Barriers. For most nonconsciously psychic humans there is little to no awareness of the Superconscious Mind and if there were it would completely overload them. Like being in the presence of an ultra bright and ultra loud wideband random noise source. So through Dreams, Intuition, Awen, Gut Feeling, etc. The Subconscious mind feeds data and desires back and forth via these difficult channels
and highly filtered by our Consciousmind's belief systems.
While the good psychic can often get a much clearer channel to what is often called the Akashic Records or Astral Realms. TDK

Copyright George King June 16, 2017.