Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monotheistic Three Humped Camel tries get its Nose in the Pagan / Druid Tent.

From X

"As a druid I am learning that all gods are one god, and all goddesses are one goddess. So, all are One, just different aspects of that One. So, to me that means I worship in Monotheistic way. What do you think?""

MY View:

There are many forms of Druid beliefs and we hear this sort of statement  often in Pagan Circles.

But to me it is just a Trolled Meme pushed by Christians.

 Feeling either Guilty for playing Tithing Free Pagans or to intentionally  confuse a true understanding of what Ancient Druids and most Pagan paths knew and communicated directly the past.

 That and these often poised as Gods or  Deities in historic references.

And as there are many definitions in the minds and hearts of Humans as to what is or is not a God Goddess or Deity, this allows the proverbial Monotheistic Humped Camel to get its Nose   in the Pagan / Druid Tent.

TDK  / The Druid King's_nose

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The depths of a Druii's True Roots like the great Oak or any tree in the forest of Life are really only tested when times are hard and resources scarce.

Or in the face of Strong and Ill winds of Adversity.

This too is true of real friendship among Men an Fae and on the Path which your true life you did lay.


(c) George King July 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Old Irish Celtic Chakra System

Most are familiar   with or have heard of the Vedic Chakra system.

The Celtic Irish also recorded a system that some feel service the same purpose of human development.

Let us perhaps take a closer view of "The Celtic Irish Chakra System"

As told in the wonder find  most often called " The Cauldron of Poesy"

A most worthy study foe any on their Druid path.

>> During the 7th century CE, an Irish fili or sacred poet composed a poem on one of the mysteries of the Irish wisdom tradition. This poem is preserved in a 16th century manuscript (1), along with the glosses in 11th century language explaining some of its more obscure references. When it was finally "discovered" by modern scholars, it was named "The Cauldron of Poesy" for its references to poetry being created in three internal cauldrons.<<

Cauldron  pictured is:  The Gundestrup cauldron is a richly decorated silver vessel, thought to date between 200 BC and 300 AD,

This link has untranslated but there is a font error still may be useful.

TDK / The Druid King

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Of Groves and Moots

There are Groves and there are Moots.
A Moot is most often the place for general Druidic discussion, sharing and even learning.
A Grove is also for sharing and learning yet it is much more.

Closer to a Toutas (Tribe) than a Moot, a place of shelter caring and love for its members.
And this requires a deeper understanding of each of us, or needs, what has hurt or helped us and yes mutual protection when a member is under Psychic or heath attack.

So we must understand and accept the need and rights of our fellow Grove Druids to share their pain as well as joy. That is just the cost of being in a Grove instead of a Moot.

Yes there is a comment to each other even in a Face Book Virtual Grove.

Moon Rising
Babel Risen

TDK / The Druid King

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Wise Oak:

Once on the Ley and old Druid. Way. Even the Acorn is a Druii.

Yet there are many stages Robes and chains to earn, before one owns "The Druid's Egg or Eye"

And In the last stage, Robe and Chain, the Wisdom on what Battles, Where, Why  and if taken on in sight of whose most Public Eye.

To take on is the Mark of Mature Druid Oak.

 Yet even Strong and Tall  Trees often fail gain this deep roots wisdom.

Moon Rising
Babel Risen

TDK / The Druid King
Post note:

How deep are your roots?