Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monotheistic Three Humped Camel tries get its Nose in the Pagan / Druid Tent.

From X

"As a druid I am learning that all gods are one god, and all goddesses are one goddess. So, all are One, just different aspects of that One. So, to me that means I worship in Monotheistic way. What do you think?""

MY View:

There are many forms of Druid beliefs and we hear this sort of statement  often in Pagan Circles.

But to me it is just a Trolled Meme pushed by Christians.

 Feeling either Guilty for playing Tithing Free Pagans or to intentionally  confuse a true understanding of what Ancient Druids and most Pagan paths knew and communicated directly the past.

 That and these often poised as Gods or  Deities in historic references.

And as there are many definitions in the minds and hearts of Humans as to what is or is not a God Goddess or Deity, this allows the proverbial Monotheistic Humped Camel to get its Nose   in the Pagan / Druid Tent.

TDK  / The Druid King's_nose

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