Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today's Druid:

 The Druids of very very old I believed tuned Ritual to the needs and guidance of the Human Tribes them found them self's incarnate in.

Ancient knowledge of Gods otherkin and the Astral Worlds has not changed really but the Names Tools and Framework have very much so.

We now live in a man made ferromagnetic world.  Where Iron Steel and man generated electromagnetic energy has our world in its RF and magnetic Fog.

So both how we access the old ways, an old energies, often may have to also change. As well as what energetic cosmic tides we try and use or ride.

A focus on what is needed now and into our future should be our road maps.

Why we answer the Ancient Oak's (Druid) Call. And also how we answer the " Four Great Questions" of a true Druid Priest (as I see it).

1) Who / What will you Honor?
2) Who / What will you Serve ?
3) Who / What would you Kill For ?
4) Who / What will you Die For?

Moon Rising

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Druid Root.

Curious how many like myself, do not feel the need for, Pageantry, Robes / Chains of rank, formal Litanies or even Holly Days. To be in contact with the Druid within you, the spirit of the ancient Oak or the call of the Ley?

Tthey do have their purposes. I often use all of them.
What got me wondering was a post asking to help with a one lesson class on what a Druid is.

For me all of these things are tools and respects, but the Druid Root is deeper then the Order or The Way.

 Ritual has its purpose as do formal training but it is Soul that rides the Ley.

Moon Rising