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Our Sister Groups Pages and Blogs

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Our Sister Groups  Pages and Blogs

How to be a Druid

Its  Reading Room (The Druid Path) 

Our Virtual Church and Grove
All Druids and Druid inclined pagans welcome!
How to be a Druid Virtual Church and Grove 

Our Internation expanded V.C.G. (Very NEW)

Craeftgemot Witancoveyne's I.V.C.G. International Virtual Church and Grove.

The Order I belong to.

Our on going and developing Druid Course (Druid Ley Way Classroom) 

For Bards (Breath of Barhrin) group 

Druid Psychics and Seers
Uates Vate and Ovates (Psychics and Seers) Group
Uamh of the Uates > Cave of the Prophets and Seers Fáith Uates Ovates 

Brehon Druids, old Irish Law

This one include one Dealing with Nordic Gods and Midgard (A Druid in Midgard) and its reading room (A 

Druid in Midgard Reading Room)

Pagan Prayers and Altars study. 
The hard real World (Subway of the Druid Prophets) group 

Hard Conjure and Spells (HooDoo Vodou DruiDo in the Grove) group 

Our physical Center and Metaphysical Store and One on One Psychic Reading!!!

Special hard to find Conjure things.
Cosmic Salamander Inc. Magick Herbs and Rare Things 
The Cosmic Salamander Inc. Candles .

The Cosmic Salamander Inc. Crystals Gems Minerals and Stones

Pagan Florida Groups and pages. 

Mystical Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County

South Florida Pagans Community Moot 

Florida's Pagan Friends 

My (TDK)  personal Druid group.The Cosmic Salamander Druids Moot and Ley

Meet new Groups People and make new Friends.HooDoo VooDoo Druid Do, Bounce page

Watch a God in the making.Lwa Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela of Good and Freedom

Have a need or Fund Raiser ProjectThe Cosmic Salamander Friends Fairy Folk

The Cosmic Salamander Music and Songs

Follow the Ley Lines or Dragan Veins

The Cosmic Salamander Inc. Scrying Moot.


Our Blogs Roll !!!

The Blog Roll Call, some of our other work.

Blog Roll
I post some of my views and research in the Pagus World
I post my Poems other with a small glimpse of SummerLand and the Pagus World from a Druid's point of view.
Obituaries for anyone's loved pets, just e-mail me it and I will post it.,
Will soon be putting up projects that I need funding for that should both help the World and make profits for the investors!
Free Water for everyone that on the street and needs a drink, Project free Tap, please share and help

The Druid Geek
Our Research Library Project.
One of our Reading Rooms Blogs
Our Bard groups blog

Here are some of Janice-Scott-Readers blogs too.
\The Old Druid's SpotDaily Forecasts, Faery Finder and Magickal Things.
Janice's Holomultiverses What the holomultiverses are. I have been able to astral project since birth and some times, I project involuntarily to other worlds. Some are variations of this world. Some are completely alien worlds. This blog is an account of some of the worlds I have found myself in and logged their descriptions.

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Both Janice and I are available for Psychic reading, other Magick works, writing assignments and even creating new inventions or sharing some of our for you or your company to patent and sell.