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Reference What Really is a Natural Witch or Bruja / Brujo:

A Witch is a special type of human, not a Faith, Religion Life Style, Belief system or Pointed Hat.  Natural Witches are born into all races of human kind and can not help being Witches no more than most humans can help breathing.   A Witch Smeller can detect a Natural Witch with without any action on their part even when said witch is not aware of being one.
,The Witch Smeller has just enough Psychic perception for the energy interaction bleeding from a Natural Witch's Aura that the Witch or other form of strong Psychic makes their skin crawl, you could say, but not enough of the very rare recessive DNA to be a Witch them self's.  
 If we were in a more natural tribal environment when a child was born it would be examined to see if the, they did not use this term of course, recessive Witch DNA  had manifested it's self in the child. If the tale tell physical signs were there the child would be removed from its mother as soon as possible and also away from the main village or area. This was to allow its talents to grow with nature and no be over loaded with the energy and emotions  of the group. The tribes (Wise Man-Women / Witch Doctor / Shaman ) that often preformed this examination was most often not a Natural Witch, but did have other special skills and knowledge. 
Now the practice of Witch CRAFT is just that a Craft or Art.  Witch Craft or other Magick training systems can teach the Natural Witch how better to hide and to use its powers.  As a Craft like cooking it is learned and if another energy source like in cooking the stove or in the Craft the energies of Nature, Herbs, the Moon and various God / Goddess energy pools can be tapped into a not Natural witch can be very impressive also. 

The Druid King

Copyright July 2011 George King

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Craeftgemot Witancoveyne Druid Reference serving in Military of one's country:

In my faith it is a very complicated issue. Going back to ancient Celtic tribes and Druid Priest  class that guided them.

Craeftgemot Witancoveyne  Druid Reference serving in Military of one's country:   Note Soldier is used instead of Warrior as there is not Warrior Honor in modern High Technology Killing! 

1 Death) As reincarnation is a know fact to us, death it's self is not a issue but often a great waste of a lifetime learning experience.

2- Injury) Now this is a great loss to soldier, victims of the Wars, all families, their societies and World at large.  

3-Training to Fight and Kill) This is Part of the Druid and Celtic ways. We teach this and martial arts to all Celts. We teach new Druids Techno-Druid Magick of Psychic / Astral warfare / defensive  along with martial arts.
These are skills all must learn and all must pray they never need! We have a saying about the Knife over use of  Magick " Steel Always Works".

4-Honor of War and Killing) Here perhaps Druids of today have learned from the past. We have no Parades before or after of cute Tin Soldiers dressed up to kill or be praised for killing!  We do have two services of (The Knife).

The First (Going to the Knife) {going to combat}

Here a ritual blade (This Blade does not belong to She / He soldier but to the Society than does the WAR as they are the real killers) is given to them to use and carry for both Magic and direct killing) .  In this service beg the new Soldier to forgive US and our Society for asking such a great Soul Scaring thing that we send them to do.  All their pledge all to work to stop the Wars from ever being again. Everyone  but the Soldier should wear the Black of Death and Shame in this service! The young or old Soldier should wear the White of purity and innocence, even if she / he has been to War before. 

The Second (Returning of the Knife) {returning from combat} [live or dead if dead a  stand in is used for soldier]

Here is the ritual blade was lost we give the returning Wounded Soldier a replacement for the service or use the returned Blade.  I must add that all who return are wounded soldiers, the will carry the Black of Death in there eyes because of the reflection Blackness that is now in there Souls even it never harmed or had to kill them self's. A trace of this must never leave them as they must always remember the Shame and Horror of WAR. If you see a Soldier returning that does not have this Blackness in their eyes aura and soul. You see a Soulless Zombie returning that has lost it all !
The returning She/  He Soldier should wear all White with a Black and Red sash or ribbons around their waste. Also a heavy Black and Red Shaw or like across their shoulder.  Again we wear the Black of Death and Shame in this service! The young or old Soldier should wear the White of purity and innocence, even if she / he has been to War before. 
The presiding Druid will again  In this service beg the Soldier to forgive US and our Society for having sent them on such such a great Soul Scaring thing  as WAR and pledge all to work to stop the Wars from ever being again.
The ritual knife is taken from the Soldier  and it's blade is broken  both parts are cast into a hot set of coals waiting for it.  A large empty cauldron is set over the blade and coals.
Then the Red Shaw or material is removed from the soldier and all pray that the spilled blood of all sides and victims  be at peace and  forgive the soldier and society for the War. Next the Black Shaw or material is removed and all pray that the dead of all sides and victims  be at peace and  forgive the soldier and society for the War.
Next the soldier is taken over to the very hot cauldron, a Chalice  of wine has been passed to all to take a small sip
 As the say this is the blood of WAR. Then the Soldier takes a sip and says this is the blood of MY WAR. Last the presiding Druid takes a sip and starts the Magick transformation process internal to Her or Him. At this time the Soldier holds Her / His hands over the hot cauldron and the rest of the wine is poured of Solders hands as all say this this the Blood of WAR (solder saying this is the blood of my war) as the wine smokes in the cauldron and passes to the SummerLands / Heavens another  Chalice of Pure Water is started around. All is done again with with the words this the Waters grace, mercy and forgiveness. And the procedure is the same.
Last a New White sash is put around Soldier's waist then New White and Black set of Athames  are given to the Soldier and put in the sashes and  She / He is remaindered that the red and Blach are they bllod and death of war and must never be forgotten. That the white is her or His future Magick and that it should be used for the Good of All Life.

So Mote It Be The Druid King.

Copyright July 27,2011 George King  with permissions from the Church and School of Craeftgemot Witancoveyne Inc. Druid Services Class documents. C 1970

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