Thursday, November 28, 2013

A modern Druid Parbil

The Wolf corned the Rabbit.

The Rabbit fearing for its life said. Wolf you know all Druids walk in the Light.

The Wolf laughed so hard that the Rabbit just slipped away.

Where there is Night there soon will be Day.


{[1275–1325; Middle English parabil }

There are several Bardic Mental torqueres in this small Parabil to help the reader discover two truths.

Can you find them and explain how the work?


{ The root word tort comes from Latin word torquere, meaning "to twist." Distort - to twist or change the shape or appearance of something. Tortuous - full of bends; winding or twisting. state, rank, condition. Latin. freedom, wisdom. -en. cause to be, become. Old English.}

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Druid Soul Test:

"Druid   Searles O'Dubhain" wrote.

  >>Searles O'Dubhain I think there needs to be a test or ritual for reincarnated spirits in DraĆ­ocht. That would be a way that a baseline could be established to address many of the issues being debated here. <<

There is "Druid   Searles O'Dubhain" you passed it with Flying Awen long ago.
The test is one words, views, actions, efforts and Life Time.

Does one have Awen, Imbas, deep insight, ? Does one walk with the Otherkin, Spirit of the Ancient Oak, listen to the Ley, known some stones are more then stone?

Makes no difference if one has ever even heard terms like Anew or Imbas. The tannin stain of ancient Oak bleeds through all you are and do.

If the ancient spirit and wisdom is there and has found a way out into life again.

Remembering, Druids were few and tribes were many.

Lip service to the old ways and instance acceptance of what the bone counters or science currently accepts as the only truth betrays most as not in working contact with Summers-Land and the Oak.

They bend like the willow or the grass in winds of current public opinion. Run from the Lighting like the rabbit.

Yet True Oak Stands as Tall as it can, shelters all that come to eat, feeds the many with little or no return.

Yet be warned standing with the Oak is to sharing the Lighting also as well as putting ones Roots into "The Well of Was"

Moon Rising
Babel Risen

TDK / The Druid King
Post script:

TDK - Sharing a comment from another Druid group I am in.
What I keep feeling / reading between the lines. Is that there seems to be a lot of Neo-Druids in many Orders and Ways. That pay lip service to the "Psychic World, Astral etc. But hold no belief it in at all or any true Occult experiences.

Richard Fox I have also seen this. They might have the jargon, might have knocked off the appropriate courses, even written a book or multiple books.... but they are void of personal experience and emotional involvement. In many cases I think we have substituted real knowledge for book knowledge....traded having power gained from experience with Nature... for displays of intelligence based upon theory that attract a lot of attention but have very little substance. Certainly not all folks are that way... but it seems like an increasing amount

Searles O'Dubhain George, you have identified one of the greatest ills facing Druids and their work today. There are many who claim to be the gurus of the movement who promote lies in order to seem to have power. I just got done with a tiff with one such charlatan and she thinks I'm a troll for even suggesting that gods might be real.

TDK -  Thoughts on being a Druid:
If you do not believe what you claim why should others?

TDK - It is interesting, many Neo-Druids study relish love and even worship the Otherkin and great deeds of our long lost Druids Heroes Gods and Goddesses one one hand.
On the other they try and fit their faith into the views of Bone Counters and Scientist that either claim be believe in Virgin birth, walking on water etc, about 2,000 years ago and Hell or nothing at all.

TDK - Druid Richard and Druid Searles, so sad but true. I think this is why Summerland keeps having write and talk about Life after Life, the spirit of ancient Oak and Ley. I often ask my self WTF why is a Pagan or Druid asking this question or that one? Do they not remember, Dream, experience, the spirit and life in all. Have they never crossed the Veils ? So over and over I talk about what every true Acorn already knows.

The Druid's Rede:

Sunday, November 3, 2013


An issue that comes up a lot in Pagan and Inter Faith circles.

My view is simple I feel that one must always respect another's rights to their on views.

This is very important.

As to respecting the others view or views . It would be asinine to discredit one's own understanding of the universe or restrain speaking honestly when ask about another's views.

If you think they are a dupe sheeple stupid or just been miss informed and programmed. That is your absolute right, no need to lie or play socially correct.

Yet their is also no reason tear away their security belief blanket either or try and make them feel bad.

After all in most cases we already have a good feel for if the other person can stand opposing views or is open minded. Poking someone with the sharp stick of esoteric reason only makes their inner dog hurt and howl.

Quill of Summerland and the Oak:

I am often requested by Summerland to share certain ideas and principles or knowledge to the Public. Out of the thousands that have a chance to read these. The Acorns or seeds of knowledge will only take root in one or two people perhaps at first posting.

This is why I add most ideas to my blogs so they can be re-found.

Yet often someone will tell me that this or that was just what they needed now to learn or be comforted by.

They are who I was supposed to reach and teach.

Such is the Druid's life as a Quill of Summerland and the Oak.

Moon Rising
Babel Risen