Sunday, November 3, 2013


An issue that comes up a lot in Pagan and Inter Faith circles.

My view is simple I feel that one must always respect another's rights to their on views.

This is very important.

As to respecting the others view or views . It would be asinine to discredit one's own understanding of the universe or restrain speaking honestly when ask about another's views.

If you think they are a dupe sheeple stupid or just been miss informed and programmed. That is your absolute right, no need to lie or play socially correct.

Yet their is also no reason tear away their security belief blanket either or try and make them feel bad.

After all in most cases we already have a good feel for if the other person can stand opposing views or is open minded. Poking someone with the sharp stick of esoteric reason only makes their inner dog hurt and howl.

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