Thursday, November 28, 2013

A modern Druid Parbil

The Wolf corned the Rabbit.

The Rabbit fearing for its life said. Wolf you know all Druids walk in the Light.

The Wolf laughed so hard that the Rabbit just slipped away.

Where there is Night there soon will be Day.


{[1275–1325; Middle English parabil }

There are several Bardic Mental torqueres in this small Parabil to help the reader discover two truths.

Can you find them and explain how the work?


{ The root word tort comes from Latin word torquere, meaning "to twist." Distort - to twist or change the shape or appearance of something. Tortuous - full of bends; winding or twisting. state, rank, condition. Latin. freedom, wisdom. -en. cause to be, become. Old English.}

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