Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Other People's Faith.

At a young age I learned that I could poke holes in other peoples faith and tear it from them.  As I grew older I also learned that my Mother's blind faith covered her in a imaginary security blanket that gave comfort in our very hard life.

After Vietnam and covered with the blackness of useless death I laid down my swords of (We Are Right), hate and harm and accepted my role in this life as an X solider and now "Sky Pilot " that yes had been there and saw the truth of it,  if you remember the song.

I also came to realize that as a Druid or for any thinking Pagan, that the road we walk is a very hard one. Understanding ones actions and talking responsibility for them, is very different than blind faith. For me there is no God or Blood to forgive me and say ok it is now all right my little zombie slave.  This road I walk is often cold and has no blankets to offer anyone.

So I learned that when my mother would say that she prayed for my soul, to smile and be glad for her that her blanket of faith kept her so safe and warm.  We should all be glad that others care for us and smile as they try to share their ever so warm imaginary blanket with us.  Please do not take it from them as truth is to hard and cold a robe for most to wear.

The Druid King

Copyright July 12,2011 George King

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