Friday, August 5, 2011

WARNING No Warm Fuzzes Here

WARNING No Warm Fuzzes Here:

Ok I know it is  Geek Black Hat Hacker article I am asking you to read:

Here is why you should read it, copy it, understand it and share it! I am re-sharing it here in the hope that Pagans will read it and understand that the same principles of security must be used by them should Freedom of PAGAN Religions  come under Successful  Attack in America. We have been and are under constant low level attack, it just seems from what I read in F.B. And other places that for the most part Pagans these days are even more naive than Tea Baggers and Joe and Jane six pack.

  If you do not think it can happen again in America and Salem was so long ago. Please study the history of the Mormons, at one time killing Mormons, dogs and Indians was almost a scared duty in America. Or perhaps look again into the KKK, Crosses are not only for Blacks and Jews (Oh yes a Religion of the BOOK) Even America's founding Fathers the Masons have often come under attack.  Or if you keep up with the Religions Rights very successful movement in indoctrination of Army and Air Force officer training, and it being pushed down to the boots on the ground with the guns.  You already know this danger is very real, they do not just hate Muslims (another religion of the BOOK), they hate you even more.
 If all that still seems to vague please look at (The Witch Hunter Anoints Sarah Palin)

And remember how the Prohibition era came almost overnight and lasted from lasted from 1920 through 1933

 One last word from Smokey The Bear Totem ( Remember Only YOU can prevent the burning times from returning. Guard your freedoms, craft and circle  with your life.)

The Druid King

Copyright  June 23, 2011 George king

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