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On this 07-04-2011 Forth of July

On this 07-04-2011 Forth of July

By George King on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 3:23pm
On this 07-04-2011 Forth of July as one who has carried America's Sword in one to our unholy Wars. I Bless all who have or will have to serve. May your learn truth and it not break your hearts, and Wars deaths not scar your Souls to bad. Also may you never forget those on all sides of WARs death Machine.
As you come home or or get ready to serve, or send your or someone else's children to WAR and yes by not raising your voice and vote and those of others to the level of stopping this madness, your are sending them yourself, please remember. Never forget what you see or must do, or your children will also follow the broken bloodied steps as you
As promised long ago my brothers and sisters I remember you on all sides, pray for you and forgive all who fought but not those who lined their lives with the red blooded silver and gold profits and positions gained from WAR.
And to those special one's both sides, I still hear your cry's smell the blood, can carry on the war for your honor and lost justice. Rest in peace a happiness in Sunmmerland my brothers and sisters and victims of war. You time to return is near I am sure.
For the GOOD FOLKS at your 4th of July pig out I leave you a special cake cooked by lady Janice below.
Janice Scott-Reeder
Happy 4th to all the liberal non Christian Democrats & Independents and possible gay men and women that are good enough to die in your wars but not live next door to you and marry the one they love. I appreciate your sacrifice.

Copyright July 4,2011 George King

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