Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poems that reflect Live, Faith, Hope, sometimes simple Spells, Magick and Healing Arts. Mostly of a sweet nature.

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For everybody
Flower of Faith : written in green ink.
Healers and Healing:

The SENIOR SENOR  --- Written in Moon Shadow Pale Grey Ink.
Have to read them:  -:))))////

The Day The Music Cried: Written in Green and Red ink
The Goddess and Old Joe --- written in Sweet Hot Java Black Ink.
Familiars, Cats and Nature and the Fae

The S.H. Master: Written in Black soft ink

Love Slave: Written in Brown Mackerel Tabby ink.


I meet the Devil the other day: Written in Dirty Teabag Brown Ink

The Soul's Alchemy: Written in Golden Blinding Hot Ink.

Love's Change: Written in Silver Shimmering Ink

If I could Cry: Written in invisible yellow ink
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