Friday, August 5, 2011

Lets create a UN Time Machine


This idea was written to help the third World, but every day I see we need in in the USA to create Jobs and sustainability.

This was a suggestion of mine to another forum, but it should hold special meaning to most Pagans as we keep the past alive and well, passing the knowledge to the next generation, and showing all that it does not have to come from Wart Mart.
Lets create a UN Time Machine .

Where we can reference, select and offer the best, technologies and training from the our Worlds past. To meet the different sustainable needs of people all over the world. Giving them the advantage of hundreds of years of progress, but at a level they can understand, use, reproduce and maintain with local materials and trainable skill sets. Both a selected mix of high and low tech. Skills like Blacksmithing or making soap from wood ash are just a few that come to mind. Home made batteries is another. Leds and Solar cells would need to come from high tech world, but making clay piping and pitcher hand pumps do not. Biochar retorts and wood vinegar distillation can be a mix of modern knowledge, modern metal scrape, old time blacksmithing. Giving locals life times of jobs, pride, safe fertilizers, safe insecticides, cleaner power and freedom from imports of the West that they and this poor world can not afford anyway.

Just because things can be mass produced does not mean it is the best way for much of our World. We can become a real life Doctor Who and help save the world. The UN can be our Tardis.

By George King on Friday, June 24, 2011 at 7:58pm Copyright George King

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