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OF Committing to a Coven, Druid Order, Ley Path, Family and Tribe.

Much depends of the level of commitment to and from one's new family.

Is it to you and them in just a social order or even a game?

Is it to you and them in just profession organization like IEEE ?

Do you feel that your new family bonds are as strong or stronger then a Blood line family bonds should be?

If the Burning days come again would you die to protect your new family?

Will you risk Mind and Soul working the Power Magick of Old, in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust?

Or at the first hardship is it all just a bust?

Whether we have any control from the Astral side of life on the family we are born into is a complex question and no one answer fits all. Picking your Druid Family is a much more controlled event.

 Now when in comes to Marriage or joining a Coven of the Wise, Druid Order, Church, Grove, Ley Path, Family or Tribe. This is a different matter altogether. Will you be ask to give your measure, sign in blood, share other DNA signatures for life? Or just learn the secret handshake and post on Facebook?

Perhaps if one does find a true Family that accepts you as a True Blood Tribe member with all its privileges and responsibilities you may be asked to do some of these odd things of old. All today can be used as Psychic Firewalls, Wards and yes even Radonic hostages to the Soul by you new Family.

Oh how awful, a crazy Cult I hear you cry. Yet in common Marriage one pledge's and contracts one's Heart, Body and Property to the arrangement for good times and bad. Oh and yes if the Marriage contract is broken often there is a price to pay.

When one joins one's Nation or Tribes military arm, one is expected to be willing to die if need be for the Nation, Tribe or fellow comrades. There is no game reset or redo card to pull out when the heat is real and you must face the true test of your self-worth.

 In picking a Social Network, College or Profession organizations, one looks to what one can learn and gain from it for the future and the R.O.I. in many cases. This is fair and fine and I believe as far as most people should venture into the Great Dark Forest of Oak

 But when picking a Family of the Soul, this is not a trip to the picnic woods. Be prepared to be ask, and what do you bring to their Family Table, both in good times or troubled times of true need. Just words and a few fees will not get you a seat at a Great Family's Table where each member really does have the others back in time of need, love, steel, flint or even the dJinn's hell's fires.

Beware this kind of True Path is a Stone Henge of the Soul and only if you have a Dragons wings and great Oak in your soul should you enter.

If this sounds too scary there are plenty of social groups and games on-line for the Fae-Less of souls. Only a very few retrace the true Straight Leys of the Cole-Men, or enter the Circle and infinite well of the true Moon.

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