Thursday, March 10, 2016

What color are my robes (am I a Druid)?

One most always keep in mind.

There is no one Robe fits all nor patent or trademarks the term nor the concept of Druid.

To some the bones of the past wisper this or that.

To others they feel they must Reform and seem to sleep with the Romans.

For others. To others ancient Oak and Stone cut Let, wisper dreams that guild their way.

To many the past is dead and should be sweep away. Except title Druid has a nice ring in modern day.

So if to Order, Grove or Tribe you have pledged to follow their own way..
Do so for sure and they will name your robes on the way.

Otherwise go deep in the woods, let wind, leaves and Summer's Bees help show you, your own Awen and redream your robes of yesterday.


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