Friday, February 24, 2012

Walking along LEY in The Witching Switching Hour 02-25-2012

A call to Hearthstones and Banners!

As I walk along the Ley in the Witching Switching Hour.

 I feel the cool breeze gentle flow over my bare skin.

The Stars are bright and I remember just how far our souls have been.

I am again reminded of the Fey and their ancient and awesome power.

Were we right to leave the Celts, knowing Civis would bring them to this dark and evil hour?

Where man has regained the ancient forbidden power and with chemistry off the shelf.

Brings War on the seeds of life even our Goddess Nature her very self.

Yes we swore the Druids would return, reborn in her hour of need, to raise our banners high once again.

With our Burning Souls Staffs Swords and Magick words of the Wind.

So we came but not in numbers high, old powers now weaker than the mouse.

Yet I call to all of you it is time to unveil the Hidden Hearthstones and stand again hail.

For it will not just the end the Druids or the Celts but life its self should we once again to fail.

The Druid King

Copyright George King 02-25-2012

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