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A Natural Witch - Druid Reincarnated fishes in the Leys of Time.


I have pondered for many years if I should write in this subject at all. From the time in 1971 Craeftgemot Witancoveyne (A Druid Church and School in America) was recognized by the United States of America as Druid religion with all the protections rights and responsibilities of any government recognized religion in America has. I knew that we at Craeftgemot Witancoveyne saw and followed a somewhat different path than our other Druid friends of the 60s and 70s that were starting Groves Churches or Fellowships seemed to be talking. Yet our older a sage friends of the old ways in America and Europe were well pleased with the road we walked.
Our Ancient Druid past has been calling out to me in a ever stronger voice these nights as I walk the local Ley. So I have followed the will of our past and will try to share what I can. If it helps you Moon Rising, if it upsets you, it was not intended to and perhaps like the Dark Moon this feeling will pass. Should you wish to discuss it. Feel free to Face Book "George King" Friend and Message me or E-mail me at DruidKing@cosmicsalamander.com  With "Druid Question" as subject title. 
George King / TDK

A Natural Witch - Druid Reincarnated fishes in the Leys of Time.

Walking along the Ley as the ancient stars above guide my way.

 I am reminded of Yesterday was it 100,000 year or a million years away when Druids ruled the Day?

And at night with the sweet Goddess of all Nature along the hidden Leys we would play..

Oh Sisters Oh Brothers of all the Tribes, Clans or Crowns do you still, like I, regret the path we took on that far off awful day? TDK

 And this brings me to the question of what is difference between a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) and a Reformed or Reconstructionist Druid? Leaving the different dogmas of the many different groups aside. For me there is a more basic Pagus Heartbeat that makes the difference.

The Reformed Druids seem to wish to leave and reject all of the written histories Druid related Press, that chills the timid or silly hearts of today away.

We all know history is written by the Victor and as we withdrew from the field of Earth's combat. We know the Romans had no reason to speak kindly or truly of us as they extinguished the burning embers of the Old ways in the Celts.

So what is the position of a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) on our so called Dark Past. Very simple we served Nature and the Celtic Nations with Honor and Wisdom both in matters of divine faith and Societal Law.

We accept the wisdom of our elder self's that during their time and place in the old world the actions of the Druids as whole were correct and as it needed to be.

It is this Simple; what was was and was as it needed to be. We neither accept or reject any historical records of how the Druids administrated Faith or Law for the Celtic Nations. Today as in the past a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) adjust the Faith and the Laws to best meet the needs and levels of understanding of Celts and the Nations that they serve within.

And now the Reconstructionist Druids. One does not Reconstruct what was not Deconstructed. The ways of the Druids of old were removed yes and buried in the Ley ways of Time. It is not so much that a (Natural Witch - Druid reincarnated) needs to reconstruct the Druid ways of the past like a watch setting torn apart, but to retrieve the Druids' seeds like ancient acorns and plant them in rich and tended soil so the OAKs of old may grown again. This does not mean that the historic records of old and discoveries to archaeology of today do not offer Golden Threads that can lead to our sacred and lost seeds of the past. But that once the Golden thread is found let your own Druid past life teach you how to replant, nourish and grow these hidden acorns into mighty Oaks that can survive and protect Man and Nature today.
The Druid King

Copyright 02-28-2012 George King

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