Friday, March 2, 2012

Psychic Blindness is a Handicap:

Image if all disbelievers of the Psychic and Pagus Worlds were like a race of people in some far off world born Color Blind from birth and there was no science to filter record or measure light frequencies. Yet a few people in that world were not color blind and Mixed weird things (Spells like) and covered objects with these weird unseen to most Colored Paints. These special people also raved about the different colors yet most could not see them and there was no way to measure them. Therefor assumed these few were crazy.

We now have a few people in our own world that see the Pagus World with some form of Psychic attunement  to its unmeasured (or unaccepted by general science) forces and interactive natural energies Yet most people in our World are of a Civis nature and blind to all of the Psychic and Pagus World except as an abstract idea or even Belief / faith that has been described to them by others.

And no we should not laugh at the psychically handicapped. 

The Druid King

Copyright 03-02-2012 George King

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  1. I don't believe that most are blind but put on blinders. Our brains are like an old TV antenna to get all the channels sometimes you have to tweak the antenna stand just right and have grandma hold some foil. Meaning our rituals and rites that open the mind to whats there but just out of focus. This is why Druid rites were held in secret and taught to those chose at very young ages. A lot of things can be scary if you don't understand what you are experiencing. And by that I mean cerebral overload leading to mental illness and breakdown. The blinders are in place as an act of self preservation. So I can agree don't mock those who chose not to see or we are no better then those who mock we who chose to tweak the antenna.(