Monday, March 12, 2012

Of Dreams Ghost and Spirit visits:

It is often reported that a person has seen or been visited by a deceased love one, dear deceased pet or other spirit like entity in a dreaming state. It is normal to wonder if this spirt visit was real or just a dream, perhaps from memories and longing for what has crossed over to SummerLand. Of course this can a so called normal dream churned up from the bottomless sea of the subconscious mind.
Yet those of us that are of a Pagus spiritual or Psychic nature would understand , that e have more than the physical gross or dense body accepted by the science of  today. We also have what is called an Astral Body or as it was called in the past an ethereal body. Most know or have hear of Astral projection, the sending of this Astral or ethereal ultra low density or spirt form to distance places. These are often today called OBEs "Out of Body Experiences".

What is overlooked is that one's Astral Eyes are for more adapt at perceiving the spirt energy forms and non dense matter that exist all around us. So quite often these ghostlike visits are really just that, Your Astral body being out of the physical body and having a visit or chat etc with another spiritual entity that does not have a gross / dense physical body any longer. It is just so much easier when you are in your spirt body to come out and play.

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