Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shared Taste for Psychic Synchronicity

Does anyone ever use Shared Taste experience to enhance your psychic contact with your client or another person?

One method of synchronizing or putting into a state of synchrony of two separate systems is to give them a common input.

Ok that's Geekie, still we experience it all the time with stimulus for example two people listening to the rhythm of music at the same time .The old ritual of sharing salt with a guest in ones home is more of how this case works

When to people taste something like salt or sugar together at the same time several things happen. One the minds attention is focused for a second or two very much on the new taste in there mouth. Both people are now sharing a very a similar experience and their bodies are also reacting at similar chemical level to the common element they both are tasting.

This now becomes the ideal time to make or enhance one's mental or telepathic connection with the other person. While riding the same feelings they are having.

I have always suspected that the ancients knew this and used it with all guest that they accepted as sort of a Telepathic lie detector.

The Druid King

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