Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moon Seeds: Written In Shimmering Silver Ink. (For the Renewal of Spring)

In the ancient and sacred woods late in the full of night
I stand in a small clearing with the Moon overhead so bright

This hidden place know but to few is called only the Moon's child
I a lone lover of the ancient Oak have come completely free of guile.
Here the wind whispers and moans in its secret and seductive way.
Now through my hair its cold invisible hands slowly caress and play.

I look up at the Moon in ecstasy and slowly my clothes began to fall away.
Dropping to the ground like old leaves as I become the Green man for a day.

Till Sky Clad and Reborn I stand a new born child and yet a man.
For now I have taken the Soul and Spirt of the Green in hand.

As the wind like a Lover touches me in the Moon light everywhere.
Sweetly leaving unkissed not even a single spot or small hair.

Till at last with a deep and sudden gasp the scared seeds fall upon this fertile ground.
Renewing again with the silver blood our vows and for another year we are bound.

My sweet Lady Gaia, my Mother, My Lover and My Guide.
And tonight with the passage of the seed again she is my Bride.

The Druid King

Copyright 03-21-2011 George King

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