Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spirt ID Theft, did you leave your Soul's Door Open?

Identity Theft , your (ID) is understood by most people and they try to not fall victim to Phishing Scams. Keeping their Bank Account Numbers, Credit Card Numbers Social Security number and a host of other personal information that allows on to so easily steal you Identify over the Internet and destroy your life.
Yet when it comes to your Menial Health and Spirt Health people seem so happy to share their innermost desires, fears, dreams, feddishs etc to the whole world on the Internet. Some more specific items like your Craft or Magick Names (no just a symbiotic public Avatar) but using your true inner craft name as your Face Book or other social network avatar. Your inner most Totems and the names given to you by your spirt guides also are dumped like trash on the beach.

Oh why make a fuss you cry, I am in perfect Love And Perfect Trust of all those on the Internet, surrounded by White Light too. Ok try using those while wearing all black on a moonless night and standing in front of a oncoming Semitrailer truck doing about 80 mph some time.

 Is it because you do not really deep deep down in your heart of hearts feel that Magick or the Psychic is real or are you just stupid? Inquiring soul hungry demons would really like to know? To say nothing of the local crazy Fundie that is praying you to hell every night and using all you have shared to help his god find you , which really will be some bored spirt or demon out for a few kicks or lunch.

 I do suspect that if a stranger ask you for some Hair, fingernail clipping and a few drops of blood you would say No Way Josa!  A wise Warrior guards the secrets of his nor her or weaknesses, home-nest and their best strengths. Reviling only on field of combat, knowing the battle is first won or lost in the fields of the Mind.

The Druid King

Copyright 03-21-2012 George King

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  1. Quite agree. But then, what's stopping the malicious from tracing the currents using our birth names? I mean, there is energy in all our names and all of our parts. Would tracing the birth name yield results that are terribly different from so called magical names?