Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do you use Water Magick?

Water Magick can take so many forms. As one of the four basic elements, working with its elemental spirits and energies. There are many spirts that live in places of water and or of the Water's element energy. Each tribe race and culture has its own many names for these spirits.

Tapping into the power of water bases pools of energy, springs, ponds, lakes, seas, tides,snow, rain, flood and storms is very powerful Water Magick. There are many forms of Defensive or Offensive Weather Control Magick .

Water is the universal solvent in your herbal and root work. Plant life and growing things and the interactions of Moon tides. Sometimes Water Magick is as using simple things like running water for grounding or as spirit breaks and guards.

I often simple glass of water between myself and my client during a psychic reading to absorb the negative energy and keep my Aura clean. Ritual baths and other Aura Mind Body Soul preparations use forms of :Water related Magick".

Lack of water or "Dehydration Magick" also has great power and energy pools like the great Deserts of the World.

Water is the major part of all Carbon based life forms and their DNA or body fluids related Magick . Even many stones and crystal contain an import balance with H2O in their structure therefor responding to the call of Water Magick.

I should not leave out the important uses Water Magick in dealing with light reflective images, transmitting psychic energy or messages. Water reflective Scrying, image breaking using water. Manifestation or Masking using Mist Magick.

There is also one of my favorite HooDoo DruiDo works "Rusty Magick" that often employs the powers of water.

I have been directed to craft some (new?) simple but unique Water based Magick Tools but that is for another story someday.

And then there is of course the best form of all Kissing.

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