Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poltergeist Activity

I would agree that many recorded cases poltergeist activity have occurred in families with someone going through the stages of puberty.

 As there is a great deal of hormonal activity and changes talking place in the hypothalamus and pituitary glad at this time. Are these neural chemical changes the cause of spontaneous telekinetic abilities by the child? Or is the child's hormonal changes opening a window to other external entites that now have a possible focal point, access channel or temporary food source due to the child's new brain-body chemistry changes, emotions and activities ?

For me the case is very much open but I lean toward the latter being external opportunistic evolvement.  Yes Poltergeist activity it does (to Pun) open a interesting set of doors Also if where only a bio-chemical condition I would expect it manifest its self in young of other mammals.

The Druid King

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