Friday, April 12, 2013

A Techno-Druid's view of Scared Space:

1) When we get ready to go to the internet. All  I.P. addresses are about equal. Much like all physical space
and if our Browser (Ritual access tool or process) just dumped all the HTML files well that's like are space is with its energetic beings, energies and access points.  So we do the first filter by typing a URL, most go into sacred spaces or mind set at this level and it is automatic.

2) We get a connection to said Space or web page. We have already cleared, cleaned, blessed the global sacred space of the Web of 99.999999999 % of its entities or energies.

3) Now lets we want to call our Bank account Demon, or give or credit card Soul access to some other entity. Well all our energies / communications are just pouring out into sacred space / web space for anything to see, eat, steal or be Demon in the middle attack (Man in the Middle hack).

4) So now comes the Circle, salt and or many other tools to protect and filter. In the Web you will switch Https: And sacred Demon codes will be exchanged.

5) The Rules of Ceremonial and Sympathetic Magick (Communications Protocols) need to be followed and the care not if your Brower is IE (Wicca maybe) Chrome (Vodou HooDoo maybe) or Fox fire (Druid Gris-Gris perhaps).

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