Monday, April 15, 2013

The Simple Truth about Neolithic Dolmen's

The simple truth perhaps of why Neolithic Age Stone Dolmens were build and a possible test for it.

Look closely at these structures, there are several common elements to them. Massive stones used, almost completely open on all sides. Very massive roof stone.

These structures could have severed as Neolithic Age outside emergency shelters from something very bad going on above it. The open sides would allow easy access from all directions in most cases.

What would they have protected someone from in these often very open fields?

Perhaps one or more of the following:

Lighting strikes, yet a near by hit could have still electrocuted you so this seems out. Meteorite storms.
Very large hail storms
Tornado pickups
Tractor Beam pickup blocking as mass of roof stone was to great, or a lift off landing point that’s position would be stable over centuries? Other unknown violent overhead activity?

Yes all this sounds wild but look at the size and weight of the stones, open your mind and think about modern Bus stops or safe locations in a war zone. Then think about the effort that went into creating the Dolmens. How could they have be build and why would a so called very primate people put so much effort in putting them up?

Note the open sides would indicate that they were not blocking a horizontal actions or storm winds. Yet mass and thickness of the top stone would indicate what ever was blocked or interfered with was a very great force.

Possible Testing Ideas:

Ultraviolet or Magnetic surface photography of Dolmen's top stone upper surface, this could perhaps reveal long ago impact damage marks, These test could look for common scare patterns on many Dolmens. Also deep metal detection around Dolmen sites could perhaps turn up indications of ferrous meteor impacts. Ground impedance testing or ground radar for other buried features would also be of great interest. Are Dolmens found in geomagnetic abnormal locations?

What fun we could have researching these issues!
TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King April 14, 2013

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