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Is doing a Psychic Reading some kind of Sacred Religious task ? :

Is doing a Psychic Reading some kind of Sacred Religious task ? :

My dear Friends and all others in this group or any group. First let me give a micro background, I have been psychic as far back as I can remember this life's childhood. Paid the price in Blood and Belt in a "Good Southern Baptist Home" Started talking classes professionally (Paid courses and personal one on one training) in Religious Mediumship, Energy work, Parapsychology and Professional Hypnotists in 1969 after returning from a US Marines tour in Vietnam  and a great deal more personal contact with dead and dying. I have read Professionally from mid 70's on.

There is nothing more special about doing a Psychic Reading,

 (and using spirit does not equate to sacred just another form of normal communications most do not have!)

 then washing a dirty asshole in a old folks home.  Both are Honorable work, both are needed at times and both can help the client with a better life!

So way all the Money is evil crap? First learning to access the World of Spirit and the Future or Past is most often taught by other Psychics and in some form of Religious Framework.  Some of these Frameworks insist on coin changing hands others are neutral and some feel it is wrong.

Yet we live in times that the societies do not meet the needs of any just out of good will or because of their Robes and Special Arts that they may offer.

Also crying that to charge for one's time and Arts is evil is good excuse to try and get others to give away their time and Arts for free.
It also gives an excuse as to why many do not put any real value on their time or their Psychic Arts.

Of Thur Sacred Work:

There is light years of difference between offering a Public Religious Honoring service to Gala, Gods, Demons or Sun / Moon, ect and doing personal Psychic serves, whether a Reading or Griss Griss and Conjurer work.

TDK / The Druid King

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  1. Psychic readings should be uplifting and empowering. Psychic readings should leave you with the feeling that you have more options, insight and peace of mind.