Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Samantha Effect

Question, do you use the “Samantha Effect “ in your everyday Psychokinetic needs?

Taking advantage of the expected Pseudo positive feedback in a somewhat like Placebo effect mental training and reinforcement.

The use of gestures like Samantha (The Witch in Be Witched old TV series) wiggling her nose to make something happen is the “Samantha Effect “ 

Using and gesture will willing something to happen (Your Psychokinetic need) say like a Red traffic light to change Green.

So you already know sooner or later light will change to green. The is the Positive Feedback or Positive reinforcement effect. Same as you use with kids and pets (Oh Good boy or Good job, thanks).

The "Placebo effect" is yes it would have turned green anyway!

But the fact that you willed an event to happen, tied that to a special gesture (Hand Noise etc) and it happened reinforces the Subconscious that your will and gesture together and releasing your Magick or Psychokinesis. 

This should help you develop real true control and power. And you want to make this work automaticly  in time of emergency! 

Here is an example of what I mean. I am often a passenger in a Car. When we need a break in traffic or say are making a left turn on arrow and right turning cars should yield but does not look like they are about to. I will them to slow down or stop. Both in mind and physical gesture.

 Now if out of the blue I see a car about to hit us, this gesture and Psychokinetic action, wish or spell happens automatically with heavy energy level aimed both at the other drivers mind and the car itself.

I find it really seems to work!  And I use hand gestures as I can not wiggle my nose! Lets hear from you and if and how you do it?

TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King April 24, 2013

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