Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of Pagans Trolls and Religious Persecution

Pagans and dealing with Religion's that for centuries have killed yours!

What kinds of Trolls are living in your cultural and religious bridging efforts?

Old Rome was master of cultural appropriation, dilution and destruction at the time it destroyed the Druids and conquered their cultural base. Just a few hundred years later the Rome Church and its Popes bragged about absorbing the old religions holy sites and their-branding of our celebrations and history.

These very effective tools were not forgotten and were reapplied with deadly vigor in the New World's discovery and conquest, again just a few hundred years later. Give another hundred years or so and we find the colonizing Nation States continued to use these same principles against Native populations.

Almost always outlawing the use of the local language and customs. Mercy should not Scotland and Ireland or Manx still remember this? This practice has gone on well into the 20th century all over the World.

Today there are new Tribes being formed or reformed, often in Social and Cyberspace. I would think that any semi aware folks today are aware of the use of profession paid trolls in all Social News spaces.

In America most of the so called Terrorist busted are poor dupes that the FBI or someone else in government recruited and funded while pretending to be a XYZ or believe PDQ.

Is there anyone that is not familiar with the 17-19 century term Agent Provocateur, or its modern version “ of Troll or protest / crowd infection” ?
My point in all of this is while Pagan, Pagus, Druid Heathen movements are having a revival and living in peace and cooperation with the current Religious power structure is a noble goal. Yet we are also cutting into the Capitalistic concept of Market Share.

Anyone would be beyond naive to not see these secretive forces at work today in all aspect of society.
Now being run by today's new generation of “Dr. Goebbels” spin Doctors, many with PhD’s in psychology and experts in its use in propaganda. Most for sale to the highest bidder others lost in religious fever and Jihad in any of the major or minor religions of today. Joseph would be be so proud if he was still in Summerland it would bring tears to his eyes.

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