Monday, March 25, 2013

Who Owns the Moon ? Druids and Witchcraft misunderstandings

Who Owns the Moon ? Druids and Witchcraft misunderstandings.

Why are Druids always getting Hung Up on the Branding and other misuse of Branding of others ? This seems to have the effect of limiting their thoughts, growth, Rediscovery of truth and time lines, believes and Worst ACTIONS !

Constant treatment of "The Craft of the Wise" somehow being the owner of Label on concept "Craft" gives me a chance to discuss something that I find humorous to put it kindly.

The idea that Druids or the Craft of the Wise (Witchcraft or its younger Brother and Sister "Wicca" have or could even be considered to have a lock, patent, copyright on any Solar body or its Energies. Or that Druids did not observe the Sexual Duality of most of Nature. Certainly all Magick systems have used energies where and when ever they could find them. 

The Hollowed Days and when they occur of any faith should not lead one to believe they did not make use of all of Nature's cycles. The same needs to be said for the word Craft.
(Craft: A body of knowledge and or skills associated with the creation, maintenance or repair of something. TDK) 

Witches, Craft of the Wise and even Wicca have no claim that they are the only Craft of Magick or worship of anything energy interface (God / Goddess etc.).
TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King March 24, 2013

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