Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Druid Bardic Blessing Cursing Class

Would you attend a live one day with real practice, Bardic blessing and cursing workshop if one was offered in your area?
 This one day course will be with live subjects in a controlled testing environment. Psycho-hypnotic focus training will be about an hour or two of course.
Three subjects will be furnished to each student, numbered and picked at random. Students may opt to not curse or not bless if the wish. One subject will act as control for other two and not be handled by student. Follow up photos to each student and group photo will be sent out via e-mail for two or three weeks. Note subject will be commercially purchased small plants.
This will be for serious students only, any others will be kicked out without course cost refund. Course cost $300.00 US D  pre paid reservations required (There are no refunds. Each course is limited to a maximum of five  students at a time.
Handouts will be used so you do not have to take many notes. and there will be coffee / tea break. Of course as it is Druid / Bardic focus each student will have to come up to the Blessing and Cursing stone and speak aloud their art. For fun there will be a group vote on best Blessing and best Curse with two mystery prizes given. Real names need not be used on name tags.

 There is a lot of Paranormal research along these lines (if you drop the Druid / Bard) over the last 30 years and using small plants is the norm. As we do not have Electron microscopes at our disposal or Blood Cell work.
I see not reason for Druids not to develop formal classes in more than History and Poetry. The Hypnagogic induction tools I use have been well studied around the world also.

TDK / The Druid King
Copyright George King March 20, 2013

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