Monday, March 18, 2013

A Druid's Say

I see often request for helping small animals that of course need room to live and protection from the grinding killing Civic wheels of Man.

And yes I do help every day.
In my humble and simple way.
A bit of food both from plate and Pay.
Goes to the Goddess's children each and every Day.
For surely in these hard times for Nature, this is the Druid Way.

But what of Wars and wrongs, of GMOs deadly Farms?
We have only weak and chicken peep to say of these great Harms.

Once we were the right hand of Kings and of our wisdom they did obey
Now those new elected Kings do in our good names awful crimes every hour of the Day.

Today's Druids, few do dare or perhaps do care enough put their names much less their life on the Ley.

Lets put on our robes bring our Bells and our Votes demand new wiser Kings and a better Way.

Or Fracking and GMO clones with flying Drones.
Creating a dead land with fearful serfs in camera Zones.
Will be all that's left and no one will have a rightful tongue.
Or legal right to give a Druid's say.

It is all been Written in the Past.
We have let the deadly die be cast.
But now we must take a stand.
Extend our hand and take their bones away.
For it is up to us the Druids to weaver the better way.

TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King 2013

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