Thursday, September 19, 2013

Do we try to keep Wiccan concepts out of Druidism or Druidry?

 Question was asked: 

Do we try to keep Wiccan concepts out of Druidism or Druidry?

There are not one set of Druid (Correct) concepts !!! 

Should we Claim the Sun but not see the Moon ???

I would hope the in vain that the Answer was Druid Self Evident. 

The Oak Lives Both in the Sun and the Moon.

Wiccan is but a Subset Witch Crafts and Witchism.

Natural Witches are a subset of Humanity, many are Druid also!

One can treat it as one of many Celtic Tribal beliefs.  (Makes not difference if you can find a historic reference or not.)

From both a Biological and Techno-Druid point of view different Functions under different energy conditions are the Cycle of life.

"Moon Rising 

Babble Risen 


Note: Perhaps it is obvious that I consider such efforts 
(Do we try to keep Wiccan concepts out of Druidism or Druidry?)
as foolish and harmful to Greater Druidia. 

There is much to be learned from Wiccan Ways. Both in handling Energy and the inter and outer Courts of ones Tribes or those one works the great Arts with .

Little is know of the Druids ancient inter courts and passing up this living vibrant workshop and Souls that is the Wicca movement to study and make Welcome in our Woods is very un Druid like !!!


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