Saturday, August 10, 2013

Short walks in my Druidic Woods (I)

By TDK The Druid King.

Prelog : I find many that walk the Druid's way other share wisdom and quotes from modern and othen well read Authors of the popular Neo-Pagan Press.

Yet most of us have also walked these pages often years ago. Not that is not nice to do or even not educational and I am sure it is of help to some, even me as I have not read all and remember even less.

Still it would be nice to seem more personal Druid's wisdom insight and ponderings. Cups of Awen and Imbas pulled from our own deer wells and rough or polished stone we have picked up off our hard roads of experience.

To that end I and starting this new cover page for my own Acorns of the Ancient Oak that I have found, learned, been given by the fae  or commanded to scribe by storms filled with the lighting of Awen and thunder of Imbas. As the rain of wonder and lost wisdom showers down to the forest floor. Being but a small cauldron and seldom setting fully upright  I know I miss most but catch what I can.

Here are two:

True Knowledge:

"True Knowledge is easiest found by not looking for it but just seeing what really is around." tdk

A Druid's Training and Response::

The order of Druidic formal training or rank progression that I believe should be used. And the order using that training  when dealing with any situation in life  that comes along.

Order of Training on the Ley path of a Druid.
1) Vatis or Ovate as seer, psychic and prophet must learn to hear and see with the Psychic mind as first.
2) Bard as poet and warrior must learn to teach , how to bless and curse  (druid rhetoric {Rosc or roscanna magick poems} )   with the psychic mind, tongue and body as second.
3) Druid as wiser warrior and peace keeper must learn to deal with the Politics of Life both Human and Gods as last.

Order of use when wild and angry Bear is in your lifes path.

1) Vatis, see with all physical senses wide open  and then bring up your psychic mind and completely look at everything again in psychic light
3) Hold back the Bardic Barbed tongue and hand off Swords hilt. Let the Wise Druid in you study the Bear and use wisdom of the Owl and cunning of the Fox to plan your response.

2) Now take the Bard from your Crane's bag and let him use silver Tongue and Honey's Cauldron or Razor tongue and Adder's deadly Fang deadly with with the Bear.

And yes I do have trouble keeping the Bard in the Bag.

Moon Rising


(c) George King August 10, 2013

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