Thursday, August 1, 2013

Druids Altar items

 Water (the Well)

Incense (the Air and Sky)

Clay dish of live soil (Gala's Womb)

Disk of Salt (The Sea and boundaries of Life)

Candle (Sky Candle the Sun)

Stone or few ( the way of the Ley)

Live Acons(the children of the Oak)

Copper or brass Bell (the moot and voice of the Bards)

Bunch of fallen leaves (our short lives and the Celts)
Hour Glass (Ruler of Time and SummerLand)

Stone knife or Crystal with terminations ( Honor of the Fae)

Blood if you use in in a metal dish (Honor of Truth and War) .

Of Course this will not match what many other Orders may do. Each Tribe has Robes and chains of their own way.


Copyright George King August 01, 2013 Lughnasadh

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